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So soft, so delicate, a beauty!! Thanks , Patricia. 

This blanket is beautyful!

WOW Patricia!!!....this is BEAUTIFUL.  :))

Thanks for posting Diana. x

This is gorgeous and so beautifully made (as usual).

Thank you for posting the photo Diana. I'll have to ask my son if he can work out why mine isn't working when I'm doing the same as I always do!

Karen, this is a fabulous intro to a very pink'n'pretty month.  Already it has inspired some beauties!  Unfortunately I'm not in one place long enough to frequent the themes this summer, but just so you know I am not sitting idle I'll leave you with these.  

For anyone who remembers, in March I posted a photo of a couple of bags of yarn in a tangled mess.  I rescued them from my local yarn shop and my dear hubby straightened out the whole thing for me.  I made some boy squares with some of it, but saved the pinks for June.  These squares are what I created from the tangled mess :))

The funniest thing is this:  All the while I was making these, I kept thinking about Bev.  Now ... I wonder why ... LOL

But I don't suppose pink is the only color a little girl would like, so I decided to try some reds ...

And to end it off, I decided to use up some scrap pink and white :)

I will not be able to comment often, but I will certainly be peeking in whenever I can.  And if you listen closely, I'm sure you will hear the occasional squeal of delight ... coming from somewhere in Australia, that is :)))) xo

Always so generous with your contributions, Gloria. They are really a feast for the eyes !! For sure Bev will be delighted when she sees these beauties. The last ones are exquisite. Many Thanks!!! Keep them coming. 

These squares are so pretty!Love the soft pastel tones!

A gorgeous selection of squares Glo, they are all beautiful, but I love the first set:))

Thank you so much for your girly contributions Gloria.    It's always satisfying to make something from nothing.   Your work is always original and beautiful.   Enjoy your travels!! Be safe X

YUM,, yum, yum, Glo!!

I would be squealing with delight, if only hubby were not still asleep in bed.....never wake a sleeping bear....haha 

Such a beautiful collection of squares in soooo many different patterns...clever gal !!

I did try to pick a fave...but....there is just so much to love.  :))

Such a lovely intro and already some beautiful girly squares !



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