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June 2017

So many things to see in your day from sunrise to sunset. Each of us in this world -wide KAS family will have different things we see during our day. Any of them can be inspiration for a square for a child. Don't forget the PJ's, they can be made in the colours of your day. Here a few ideas to give your creativity a start !

There is the sunrise to welcome the day.

Image result for free photos sunrise

The traffic on the way to work.

 Nyc, blur focus motion, times square

Break with a book .

Young Student reading books

 A butterfly on a flower. I couldn't resist our lovely monarch butterfly for this picture.

 Animal, Beautiful, Monarch, Butterfly

Boiling the kettle for a cuppa or coffee.

Free stock photo of coffee, dirty, drink, vintage

A bird on a branch.

 Blue Jay

Do you have a friend who is always happy to see you?

Tan and Black Yorkshire Terrier

The setting sun at the end of the day.

Sunset, Sky, Sun, Cloud, Twilight

I hope you enjoy these ideas from sunrise to sunset, we would love to "hear" about your day !

Remember June has a lovely warm square for the Pattern of the month. Give it a try !


Knitted Two Stitch Rib Square

 Helen Flagg (USA)

It's [here] in the KAS Pattern Book where other patterns are available for you to use.

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A SUPER intro, Susan....my mind is already buzzing.  :))

Thank you Bev! I can't wait to see, I am certain you will have some lovely square ideas !

Looks great, Sue! Only the 2nd of June and 2 blankets already!

Wonderful intro Sue...such a stunning sunrise photo.  Thank you for adding the Pattern of the Month for June the Two Stitch Rib Square, here are a couple of examples I've made.  :)))

I'm afraid my camera didn't like this red square so the pattern doesn't show up so well !

Lovely squares, so warm looking in those colours !

Two GREAT squares, Louise...especially love the yarn in the top one. :))

'Will have to give the PoM a try at some stage during June, though I'm not very confident with rib, as my tension never turns out very even.  :(( 

Bev, with your amazing talent I'm sure the POM won't cause you any problems.......look forward to seeing your squares.   :)))

I love flowers, in summer I particularly enjoy Sweet Peas, as they are one of my favourites, for their delicate blooms and lovely scent. When I saw this self patterning Aran yarn it reminded me of Sweet Peas, but I needed to use a plain Aran to make it 'stretch' to a blanket :))

I adore your sense of colors. Magnificent Christine. 

Gorgeous Christine,  sweet pea beautifully captured !

Wow!!! This is a gorgeous, gorgeous blanket, Chris. The centrepiece is divine!!!! Such pretty colours in the yarns you have used.......and sweetpeas are lovely flowers.

I imagine it passed the 'Jess quality control test' with flying colours.....lol.

Chris you have excelled yourself with this PERFECT blanket.......the colours are divine  and certainly do remind me of sweet peas.  :)))



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