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Wow, Amy, this is going to be great.  We will be able to get ALL of our news about these organizations in ONE place, and truly get a picture of how the work of our knitting needles and crochet hooks just keeps spreading like ripples on a pond.

I will close the other discussions.

Thanks for all your work on this and for the spectacular logo.

Amy, thank you!  You have done a fabulous job in putting this together.  It looks great and is very easy to connect to information about all these wonderful organizations.  

I agree with Anne ... a wonderful picture of how our work is spreading, and an example of the arms of KAS reaching out to children in so many ways. xo

Amy, I love the colours.  Great work!

I think this thread is an excellent idea and, as the others have said, the logo is beautiful and really captures what it is all about. Thank you for all of your work, Amy.

Thanks Amy.....this is fab....especially for someone like me who can never remember where to find these discussions. 

Super logo design and info...all there at a glance.  :))

Latest report from the MNCP facebook page.

Thank you Lisa for joining us to visit some of the Elderly Gogos to invite them to the Christmas Party we will be holding to honour these wonderful Matriarchs. At this age many of them are caring for orphaned grandchildren. Thank you also to all our donors who have given so generously towards this event to take place on Thursday, 8th December 2016.

I hope they all have a wonderful party......these are the faces of those who have worked hard all their lives, for little reward, other than that of caring for their families.. Thank you MNCP for providing them with this 'treat' at this special time of year...to let them know that they are valued and are special, too.

Thanks for posting this, Louise.  I hope the Gogos have a wonderful time at the Christmas party.  they certainly deserve it.

Now that we have our first entry for MNCP here in the KAS Connects discussion, I will file the old MNCP discussion in Historical Photographs 2013-15 - Sorting in S.A., distributions, Blanket Room, Jbay, 2015 FB photos etc. for anyone who is interested in what we posted before about this wonderful organization.

Thank you, Louise, for sharing this with us.  How wonderful that these dear ladies will be honored with a Christmas party.  I hope they have a lovely time and wish them all a Happy Christmas.

Louise, thanks for sharing this news with us.  These women are so remarkable.

I'd just like to echo what has already been said - it's amazing to see all the 'connections' that KAS has, and I'm in awe of anyone with the technical skills to put this together!

Thanks ladies....As you say these wonderful hard working Gogo's certainly deserve a special treat at Christmas. MNCP have said they will send me photos taken at the party on 8th Dec, I will post them here as soon as I receive them.

Lesley, I'll let you into a secret, I'm pretty hopeless with technology. I've had plenty of help from my fellow KASers. :))



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