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Every now and then some of us have the chance for a "meet-up"  This discussion is a place to store memories of these special times.

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Ha ha ... Christine, as I understand it, I didn't completely escape Jude's notice.  I am not going to feel too complacent just yet :))) xo

Well just a little project like teaching us all TC!

Wow, Jude, that's a terrific project to be assigned!  And what a great idea.  Maybe we can Facetime or Skype and have a class :)))) xo

Excellent we will arrange it when you are back from the cottage after your summer season. Xxxx

Count me in too...as long as someone can tell me all about Facetime.

Valerie, you will be most welcome!  I don't know if we can do it as a group or if I will have to do it one-on-one.  I'm sure someone can tell us.  Either way, I am now absolutely looking forward to it ... the more the merrier!!!  What a great way to spend those long cold winter days ... xo

On Thursday, November 30, I traveled to the Village of Corrales, New Mexico, the place I grew up and met up with my new friend and KAS member Sharon B., who now lives there in her beautiful adobe home.  

When I lived in Corrales almost 40 years ago there were wide open spaces, dirt roads and few businesses.   Now the Village has grown lots, most roads are paved, and you can buy just about anything by driving 15 minutes or less. Still it has a unique and quirky charm.  (Both Sharon and I would completely agree on those words to describe Corrales).

After hugs and a view of a small stash purchased by her husband and last year's Christmas present, (this is the blanket she made with this gift MultiColor Alphabet Blanket), we set about Sharon teaching me new stitches.  She pulled out some yarn and hooks she purchased through the River John's group, and we got started.  I have had a terrible time learning the C2C and Sharon cured me of all my problems in minutes.  Next up came Tunisian Crochet and we just kept going from there.  I did introduce her to Entrelac, and know she will pick that up in no time as she is a true professional.

I wish you all could see the blankets she is currently working on for KAS, after all don't we all have a few WIPs.  The children are going to love them, and everyone will be oooooing and aaahing over them.

Sharon's dear husband took us to dinner, where I got a true New Mexican meal of red chili enchiladas with a fried egg on top.  Super yummy particularly is you are from this part of the USA.

Time just flew by as we talked about Corrales and world travels.  Hopefully we will meet in person again, but if not, we will always be KAS sisters and teaching each other new things and enjoying each other's work.

As neither one of us is really fond of pictures, we thought we would at least have our hands together over some of the work that we did.  It was a marvelous evening for me and I hope to do it again in the future.

Amy, thank you for sharing a little bit of your visit with Sharon.  I loved reading your description of Corrales, your hint that Sharon may have a couple of W.I.P.s (tee hee hee), and how you taught each other some new techniques.  After all, sharing is what we all do best.

And the photo of your hands is perfect for KAS!  Nelson Mandela once said, "It is in your hands to create a better world for all who live in it."  xo

Amy, so wonderful to read about your meetup with Sharon.  Both of you are such talented ladies.  I could see Corrales in my mind's eye just from your description.  And you are so right about KAS sisters; just look at all the giggling and teasing going on in the KAS Kristmas corner.   

How right you are, Mili!  When KASsisters get together anywhere ... whether it's in person, via Skype or FaceTime, or in one of our lively discussions ... it's always a good time.  We just can't help it ... we're a happy bunch of caring crafters with the same goal ... share our love of yarn with the each other and warm the children!

And speaking of our KAS-KRISTMAS DISCUSSION, there's lots of room for everyone. How do you and your family celebrate Christmas? Feel free to simply browse through the comments, but why not share something you love about the Christmas season ... your favorite music, movie, memory, pattern, recipe, joke, gift ... this is one of the ways our KASfamily celebrates the season ... xo

What a wonderful experience. You both must have had a lovely time talking about KAS.

I'm peased that you've now made friiends with c2c. It's my favourite technique and totally addictive once you get really used to it.

Thank you. What a special photo. Many hands together making a difference for the children and ourselves in the making of the love.



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