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Below are the current and previous editions of KasNEWS.  For me this is very much a learning curve, but I hopeful that with each edition we can evolve an informative broadsheet of news, info and interesting items!





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I can't download this without paying for Office 2010 !!

Hi Sue,

Here are the two documents in a PDF format, which you should be able to read without Office. :)



Erica, have followed the Help instructions on my Mac to turn the documents into pdf files to add to the discussion post at the page top, without success.   They appear to download, but instead of turning into pdf files like attachments you have replied for Sue, they turn out to be those horrid little squares with the question mark! Please can you suggest a foolproof method as I'm beginning to lose hope! 

Hi Pam,

I'm not sure which instructions you're using (I'm a PC person, not a Mac person!) but try this. Open up the document in you word processor, then press Command-P. This should open up a Print dialog box. Click on the PDF button, and from the little menu that opens, select "Save as PDF...". Direct the program to the place you want it saved. If it asks you for a filename, make sure you have ".pdf" at the end of the name you type in.

This should theoretically give you a working PDF file!

Thanks Erica, this was exactly what I was doing - however - hmmmm (plus some embarrassing coughs!) - doing things when you should have been in bed an hour+ earlier is not the best time!  Having followed your instructions which were more or less what Mac says, I then proceeded to try to insert the files using the 'insert image' instead of the paperclip!  Oh the shame.........

Still, have done many more stupid things with computers over the years, but they are buried in the vault marked 'Pam's secret, dim-witted & brainless computer Activities' -  in the hope that it will get sucked into a black hole in space to be lost forever..........

Thank you Erica !

Sue, you should have received a direct copy by email, this is a link for visitors. But thanks for highlighting the issue,  I'll have to check how we can overcome the problem.  This is the version used by my Mac. Maybe there is some kind of universal version.  Hopefully, you will have received the broadcast copy by now..........I intrepidly pressed the send button late last night, and, did actually receive my copy, with much relief as we have all been so busy the edition was much later than planned.  Ah, well it is still early days............

Didn't get it by email and its not in the junk box either. I have always had trouble accessing the ezine too.

I got the March issue by email - thank you Pam! So great to get KAS news!

I love it all, but most of all, these words jumped out at me:


Each month KAS is continuing to expand in our existing countries. We would also like to mention contributions from Wendy's group in Singapore and, Katarzyna, Iza and Małgosia. Mrs Anna from Poland recently sent 110 squares. Ronda mentioned they had received their first even parcel from Lebanon.  We are increasingly a truly global community."

This is what makes KAS so special to me. People all over the world want to do something special to help others. KAS has given us the opportunity to help children in South Africa. Each blanket is made with squares coming from many countries... how beautiful is that!!!


And now, I'm googling to see what the flags of Poland, Singapore, and Lebanon look like!


Thank you for sharing this Mary for some strange reason I don,t get the ezine by email either even though I signed up for it.

An update on Maggie's problem - having checked her junk mail, she discovered 2429 messages!  Now she is searching for KAS material & messages!  She say's she might be back in a weeks time - ha ha ha!

Junk mail is always worth checking from time-to-time to see if anything important has slipped through the net or cracks!

Thanks for the pdf version, Pam.  My old program won't let me open a doc.x so Ive been chomping at the bit wondering what was in the March issue.   Great job...wonderful issue.  Thanks for all the time you are giving this



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