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Below are the current and previous editions of KasNEWS.  For me this is very much a learning curve, but I hopeful that with each edition we can evolve an informative broadsheet of news, info and interesting items!





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Great newsletter Pam! Thank you for everything you dooooo!!!



Thank you Mary & Mary!  Your kind words are so supportive.

Mary Anne, please go-ahead and share, share, share!

Thanks Maggie, glad you enjoyed a good read - KAS continually proves just how lovely people are - all over the world!

Thanks Pam for  very good newsletter. We never tire of KAS news ! Poor Ronda floor to ceiling KAS !

Yay! After trying so many times in so many ways, and even with wonderful, Pam, trying to send it as an email attachment to me...it has stopped coming up as 'error' and I have finally been able to view the latest KASnews.

Your globe is a fantastic piece of art, Linda. It says it all about this great community.

Thank you for yet another informative and interesting KASnews, Pam. A wonderfully, inspiring read.


I've just gone through all 3 and what an amazing organization KAS is turning into, everyone so inspired and so busy.  What a priviledge it is for me to be a member and meet all you wonderful people with so many inspiring stories.  Thank you!  Oh, when I view the newsletters in pdf the links don't work.  Is that normal?  Just idly curious about it. :)

This does seem to be a problem, and, at the moment we've not found an easier way - when it is sent out in Word, quite often the pictures won't display!  I'll be taking this up with E. to see if we can find a way through this.

Love the newsletters. Just what I need to keep me going between ezines.



Well, Pam, you've managed to do it again!!  Another fantastic KasNEWS.  It is so inspiring to read about all the wonderful things our KASfolk are doing and reading it gives me a 'warm fuzzy' feeling knowing that I am part of this amazing team of caring people.

Thanks for all your efforts to keep us updated

I second that, Anne.....thanks so much, Pam....you are the gossip guru of KAS.....and the wonderful thing about KAS gossip is that its all true.

Ditto, ditto & ditto!!  I loved reading the newsletter and I'm so excited about all the new things coming up!  I'm anxious to hear more about KAS becoming an "importer" and how awesome it would be to pack up a whole bag of underpants and undershirts without having to hide them inbetween the squares LOL!  I'm looking forward to the photo album and the pattern book as well!  Lot's of exciting news, not to mention how heartwarming it is to see what everyone has accomplished!

Well done Pam!  I am so thankful for you ALL!


Thanks Ladies, your comments are much appreciated as it spurs me on!  Sandy is planning an Ezine for August, so the next KasNEWS is likely to be September.  Step-by-step KAS is making headway, and building a strong cornerstone for long-term development.  Our strength is that we 'just get on with it' through supportive team-work - no diva's here!



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