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Don't forget our March


 We have a BOY doll to knit,

and a warm and cozy square to crochet.

If you, like many of our talented crafters, enjoy making toys for the children, why not check out the 

Find the free pattern [HERE]

Valerie has given us the pattern for her beautiful 2-loop square.  Make one (or several) of these to add warmth to a little boy's blanket. 

Find Valerie's pattern [HERE]

Let's see how much warmth and fun we can create this month

to help put big smiles on little faces.

If for any reason you are unable to participate, please feel free to

drop in occasionally to have a look and cheer us on :)

I have started our special March - Think Boys

 [Photo Album]  

If you would like me to include your photos, please click on the "Photos" tab above and add your photos there.  I will then be able to copy them into our March Album.  Thanks ... xo

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When I thought about what colors to use, I just couldn't make up my mind.  So ... I used them all :))  From left to right they are garter stitch diagonal, Tunisian Crochet, and swing needle ladders :) xo

Oh yay, Glo!!!

Great intro.....so many different things for us all to make and do.  :))

WOW! You are certainly 'leading from the front'! The colours in your squares are spectacular. LOVE all the different colours in your variegated yarns.....and the stitches are soooo pretty. 

I didn't get my swing needles for Christmas, but I have bought some dpns and hope to try your swing needle patterns in the next month or so.  :))

Wow Gloria, these are amazing!

Thanks, ladies :)  

Bev, to try your swing needle technique, simply knit. Just remember to knit two rows (one with each color) on each side.  That's the best way to learn because you're not having to do that while trying to remember a pattern.  You'll be surprised at the look you'll get :) xo

These are really snazzy and the colors so vibrant.  

Fantastic squares, Gloria . Thanks for the inspiration. 

Let's THINK BOYS this month!! Great introduction, Gloria. Thanks!! 

Simply great!

Lovely squares, Gloria.

Oooouuuu these are pretty and such complicated work. Your results are so unique. 

Great into Glo with so many possible ideas.  I love the rocket squares, they just scream boys to me.

Can't wait to see what people make this month.

just finished this c2c blanket last night.  I think it fits this theme :)



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