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We all know how our eye is immediately attracted to bright, strong colours, but this month I would like you to think about the shrinking violet, the gentle yellow cowslip or the pale green euphorbia.

Maybe they don't have the same eye-catching power as the vibrant purple iris or a brilliant red rose. but they, too, are beautiful in a quieter, more tranquil  way. This is the gift of the pretty pastel colours.

They are found everywhere: in nature, in our clothes, in fashion, in our food

.........and quite definitely in our yarn.



How many of you remember the delicious sherbert flying saucers,or the candy alphabet sweets?


All these beautiful colours can be used alone or in contrast with the more vibrant colours.



Even if you prefer your colours bright and vibrant, just for once try the pretty pastels. They will be pretty with variegated yarn or as PJ’s for the November Pattern of the Month.

They're really ZEN!  You never know you might become addicted.

Use the link below to enter the November theme photo album


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H settled with Ning, but now it's up and running for OZ first....have fun and dive into the pastels.ad a few probles getting this 

You've done well, Valerie......a gorgeous intro for a month I know I'm going to enjoy.  :))

Sorry for this somewhat garbled message. I was just trying to say that Ning didn't want to co-operate with me today, but I finally got this posted.

I've had problems getting into the forum today as well Valerie. This is a great introduction to the November theme. You have showcased some beautiful items. It will be a while before I can post anything in pastels as I am working on a blanket at the moment and it isn't in pastels. :)

No problem Joan. We're here until November 30 !!!

Pulled out all my pastel yarns and am going to have a great time combining colours !   Looking forward to this month and depleting my stash.

I certainly look forward to seeing your squares, Linda.

A beautifully expressed intro., Valerie, on the power of pastels.
Beautiful intro for this month's theme Valerie.....love the blanket on your table, so pretty. Thank you for mentioning the pattern of the month....lets hope we get lots of lovely photos of pastel PJ's.

What a lovely start to this month's collection, Anne.  Both bev and Glo will be pleased with these!

Anne, these are beautiful.  I love the way the softer colors "whisper" warmth :) xo



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