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I am  delighted to host this,  my first KAS monthly theme, and what a fun title to inspire us to get our needles clicking!  

From  crochet enthusiasts,  we are looking for lots of Granny Squares where the pattern radiates out from the centre in traditional,  solid  or sunburst  designs - or whatever you enjoy making.

Garters are,  of course, anything in plain knitting Garter Stitch (and its variations)  - stripes, diagonals, variegated wool, or the much needed Plain Janes.  A reminder that  this is the year of Plain Janes and  we would very much  like to see more featured on the Forum here.  


There's something for everyone in this month's challenge, so do  let your imagination run riot with colour and be inspired by the wonderful examples below that KAS members have already contributed this year.

So How Many  Grannies and Garters

Can We Create This Month?  

A reminder it takes 35 squares to make a blanket - and, as host,  I have set that as my personal target for the month, but even if  you have time only to make a few, they will  ALL  be welcomed.    You will be helping  to bring colour, cheerfulness  and warmth into the children's lives.

Here is the link to this month's Photo Album,

with special thanks to Linda for setting it up.


I am pleased to say that Linda is now onto a second Photo Album of gorgeous grannies & garters. To open it click HERE. 

Thank you to everyone- and do keep featuring your squares. 



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My first contribution to the collection of Grannies & Garters. 

More bright squares from Earlston Wednesday Club members  in my home village in the Scottish Borders. 


Rainbow Granny

Diagonal Garter Stitch Squares

Here are my first squares for this month.  I haven't made grannies in quite a while and had forgotten how much fun they are!

Diagonal squares in garter stitch using variegated yarn.

My first set of garters for this month's challenge - in my favourite knitting pattern - variegated diagonals. .

Adding this lovely square and accompanying comment for Paola Ferrari.

October challenge

Great idea garter stitch and granny squares. So relaxing. So good to clean your mind. Let's go.

We had a lovely day yesterday at the River John Library.  There were just four of us ... for a while.  Then ... we had a visit from Eileen and Christine, who brought in a bag(s) of squares.

Seems that last October, Christine read an article in the newspaper about the River John Square Knitters.  She doesn't own a computer, so just asked around and discovered that this was something she could do.  She is a beautiful knitter, but it takes more than that to produce this many squares for Knit-a-Square.  It takes a kind person with a loving heart!  

Thank you to Christine for these 330 (yup ... 330!!!!) absolutely gorgeous "garters" ... all in variegated (Bev :)  


As we were oooing and ahhhhing over these beauties, another one of our RJSK ladies joined us.  Chris P. brought in this pile of 100 "grannies" and about a dozen lovely hats ... all knitted by her sister-in-law, Barb Gilbert, in Brantford, Ontario.  They arrived in Nova Scotia in the suitcase of another sister, so have been on the road for a bit.  However, in their travels, they didn't lose a speck of their beauty.

The story of their creator is nothing short of amazing.  Please read this article ... and then help us give Barb a cyber group hug!!!


My first three squares for this month's theme, using some novelty yarn that contains a mix of fur and little pom-poms.

My first contribution - October Theme -



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