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Ronda and Wendy have been producing quite a catalogue of photographs from the recent distributions, rather than post them a few at a time, it was decided to create a discussion page where they could be displayed more speedily so that members might be able to spot their squares, garments or hats earlier!  Spotting one of our own creations in Africa really does spur as on to even greater creativity!

Here is one of the gorgeous children in a
'before' and 'after' photo!
      Often one reads comments from members wishing they could do more, but the only thing we have to do, is exactly the amount of goodness that each of us has available from looking after our families etc.,  EVERY SQUARE  is so very valuable, and it does make a difference. KAS members have contributed an astonishing number of squares during the last 4 and half years - added together, we have brought comfort and warmth to thousands upon thousands of deprived, vulnerable, and, sadly often unwell children.  Below is a quote from one of the loveliest Africans to grace that continent - Bishop Desmond Tutu which really summarises everything the KAS Band of Sisters & Brothers do, day in day out, freely and without thought of self!  We knit & crochet to support these children totally unconditionally.

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So Happy you were able to see the recipient of your beautiful work  :D

Super blanket Valerie ! The boxes in that pic look very interesting too !

Yes. I was wondering what was in them.

Food maybe?

I especially like the little guy far right in the 9th photo,in a light jacket. His expression and posture come across as so determined and self-possessed, you feel he's going to make it against all the odds...

Larger group photographs - A Re Boneng Distribution - more red & white hats (galore) , blankets and cuddlies!

Good to see you back Maggie, hope you are recovering well and that John is OK too!

ALL of this color just brings SO much joy to this place!  When you look past the colors, you see their poverty and it's amazing how all of this work just wipes away the gloom!!

Last of the pics for A Re Boneng - large groups - some are similar to earlier pics, but the children move around, therefore members might spot more blanket squares & those red & white hats!


Lovely Pam, I think the group shots are the best, the children look more natural in the group shots (not so bewildered by the camera).  You get to see more of the blankets, hats and other items too. :-)

i love the black and white blanket it really stands out

Through Maureen Keane-Murphy we have made contact with Mama Ntombi's Community Projects (MNCP) in Pietermaritzburg in the Natal Province of South Africa (Durban is the largest city in Natal).


Dear Ronda


On behalf of Mama Ntombi’s Community projects (MNCP), we wish to express our very sincere gratitude to your Team for the donation of knitted jerseys, caps and blankets.  We distributed the jerseys and some of the caps this past weekend.  As we have over 300 children who attend our weekly Sunday afternoon programmes, we had to choose the most neediest ones as recipients of your generous gifts.  Attached are photos for your files and to share with your Team.


As July and August have been busy months with numerous activities, our Volunteer Team will only be available next week to stitch the blanket squares together.  These will then be distributed to needy community members.  We will send you photos once this is done. 


Mama Ntombi’s Community Projects works in two Informal Settlements i.e. Jika Joe and Mattisons.  The Jika Joe Informal Settlement is on the perimeter of the city centre whilst Mattisons is a semi-rural settlements some 15km away.  Most of the children in these two settlements are orphaned and living with aged grandmothers.  We are working with the poorest of the poor and our focus is on children who are the most vulnerable members of our society.  They have done nothing to deserve the present situation they are in.  MNCP’s four main focus areas are:


* A weekly Sunday School.  This is the only spiritual upliftment they are getting. 

* Lifeskills Programmes

* Educational Support through the provision of school shoes, school uniforms, bags and basic stationery kits.

* HIV & AIDS Workshops, including voluntary testing through partnerships with other organisations who are specialists in this field. 

* Poverty alleviation programmes.

Please visit and “Like” our Facebook page as well as our website.





Kind regards

Yours sincerely

Sandra  [Pillay]

Here are some of the photos :



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