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On Saturday July 18th, nine KAS 'sisters', who had never met each other before, came together in York, in the north of England, to knit and crochet together on Nelson Mandela Day.

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I can thoroughly recommend it if we have another one - it was great fun and everyone was, of course, very friendly.  We had something in common to get the conversation started and after that it just flowed of its own accord.  I shall certainly be looking to the next Big Day Out with anticipation!

Thanks for organising it, Heather!

Such a brilliant report Heather, I don't think you missed a minute. Thank you again for arranging such a great day.looking forward to the next one .xx

Oh it sounds lovely, much better than 10hours in a minibus driving over potholes and broken road to Kiev (nothing to do with the conflict, just total lack of maintenance). I kept wondering how it was all going. I'm so glad you all enjoyed it.

Anne - thank you so much for the yarn you sent for the day. Unfortunately, I only got it today! 

We have a delivery box at the side of the house where the postman can pop parcels if we're not in and he puts a card through the door to alert us. However, he obviously forgot to do this so I didn't find it until I picked up my Kemps order from there today! It must have been there for ages - so sorry! 

Anyway, you know me - it certainly won't go to waste and I have loads of time this summer to get stuck in. I just wanted to post this here so that the other ladies will know that you were thinking of us. The yarn will still warm those little bodies! Xxxx

Heather I'm glad it did eventually arrive...I posted it on thurs 9th July I think so you'd get it in time haha!!! but as you say no yarn goes unused so enjoy it, and here's to the next Big Day.

Thanks Heather for the wonderful, very thorough, report about our great day out. It was a fab day thanks to you for organising it all. As you say, the conversation flowed and everyone was very friendly. I really hope we do it again soon. My husband says there is plenty to do and see in York so he wouldn't mind doing it again. (The film was good too!). Next time my arm should be working again and I can be more productive and helpful. Thank you everyone - it was a lovely day.

Heather, thanks for the wonderful report and all the photos.  It is such fun to put faces with names we see on the forum and to see you all in action. The blanket is fabulous.  I have a feeling that you all crocheted/knitted a special bit of love and mirth into each square.  I like to think that all those good feelings will somehow rub off on the child who gets this blanket.

It's probably a good job that I live in Canada and could not attend or Kathy might have gone home minus one Warren Bear (I am positive that one would have jumped into my yarn bag and come home to live with me.)

Fantastic time I am so jealous !!  That is a really great report and great photos of our KAS sisters ! I love those warren bears too. I must get out my sewing machine one of these days. You all made a beautiful blanket and very special for the child who receives it.

Twas a lovely day out, nice to put faces to forum names and the catering was amazing!  Scones, strawberries and clotted cream for tea, and little chocolate muffins for nibbling on in between squares, yum.  Many thanks ladies.........

Kathy's presentation on 'slip-ins' was so inspiring, I posted off 15 of the tiny bags with buttons, you know just slipped in between the knitting.

Since I have a 'book thing',  I'm making books to 'slip in'.  My prototype cloth picture book is ok, but a little dull, so I'm on the look out for bright fabrics with pictures interesting to a child.  I also found two lots of paper alphabets I downloaded via a link on KAS forum a couple of years ago, I think, so I've made them up into books on card with Japanese stitching to bind the pages together.

I'm also crocheting the rest of my navy yarn into scarves.  I got so fed up with garter stitch on 4mm needles and half trebles, so slow!  The projects just got left and left through boredom.....  So now I'm crocheting trebles, which is much quicker and  I have 4 scarves worth, I think.  One will be navy/navy striped, if you see what I mean. I hope it will be ok.

I'll just keep on till they're all finished.  Will post photos later.    Roz   x

Roz, it was such fun to see a photo of you at last.

Yes Anne, but did you notice that Roz managed to look away from the camera every time it was wielded?! 

I noticed.  Bit of a phobia, maybe, I think.............?  Roz xx



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