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Hi everyone!!   To me this theme screams "Anything Goes".  

Haven't we all got some random oddments of wool that have been long buried in our wool stash?   In my eyes the bigger the clash of colours the better.   Let's make our squares really ping and zing so they stand out and make a plain blanket into a unique piece of cosy art.

Diagonal or stripey squares are the answer to our stash spares!!

Going back over past photos on the forum  you can see such wonderful  examples of these squares

Since being asked to host this theme , I have created some of my own diagonals , using up the odds and ends

So if you have never made a diagonal square , now it is the time to have a go, you can have so much fun with this.*****WARNING**** they are very addictive :))

The Knitted Diagonal Square

 can be found in the KAS Pattern Book 


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OOOhhhh these look so magnificent! 

A beautiful set of squares, Joan, and so evenly knitted.
Karen, thanks for hosting this month's theme....I love to see all the diagonal square's that other KAS folk make but I must admit I make very few of them myself so this month I must have a go!! :))
Quite honestly Louise you cannot go wrong. I suggest doing a PJ style one first to get the hang of this increasing stitch style. You need to remember that even though your work may not look perfectly square shaped, when stitched together they pull that shape - so don't be disheartened. I do see from your personal photographs that you crochet a lot (a skill I just cannot grasp) - diagonal works well with that too which is another option for you? You're not afraid to experiment with bright colours either I see...... Come lass give these a wee try.
Your reply was very helpful, Karen, as sometimes my squares don't look actually square., and it is reassuring to hear they fall into shape when stitched together.

Karen, thank you for hosting this month.  I love stripes so I'm really looking forward to the beauty our KASsisters will create! 

Adding for Jude, diagonal squares made by ladies in our group. Some plain diagonals with embellishments and some variegated diagonals.




Hi Maggie, this is a tension matter - it is not a case that you have done anything wrong.. As you work the increasing rows you need to lay the edge flat + measure the left hand side (basically along the squares bottom) until it is almost 8" before you start decreasing. There is no fixed maximum amount of stitches. It depends on needle size and thickness of wool etc. For DK on 4mm needles my maximum is usually 50-52 sts and with thicker wools it may be only 46sts. If you struggle with my explanation let me know and I'll message you pictures.

Your square is beautiful and when stitched alongside another there will be stretch or 'give' in it so it should be fine. Please don't let this put you off trying another few times.

Super square, Maggie!  Well done ...xo

Stunning examples here of how a little imagination applied to PJ's makes them stand up and shout "see me". Some gorgeous vibrant colours too - wehey girls!!!

These are wonderful!  Absolutely perfect squares and I love the stars and flowers in the top photo ... and that pretty variegated yarn in the centre group ... and those adorable bunnies ... awww heck ... I love them all :)  xo

What a wonderful set of squares and I love the little flowers and other motifs,



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