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Hi everyone!!   To me this theme screams "Anything Goes".  

Haven't we all got some random oddments of wool that have been long buried in our wool stash?   In my eyes the bigger the clash of colours the better.   Let's make our squares really ping and zing so they stand out and make a plain blanket into a unique piece of cosy art.

Diagonal or stripey squares are the answer to our stash spares!!

Going back over past photos on the forum  you can see such wonderful  examples of these squares

Since being asked to host this theme , I have created some of my own diagonals , using up the odds and ends

So if you have never made a diagonal square , now it is the time to have a go, you can have so much fun with this.*****WARNING**** they are very addictive :))

The Knitted Diagonal Square

 can be found in the KAS Pattern Book 


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I love the colours, especially the variegated ones! In love with those cute bunnies too :)

HURRAY!!!! Diagonals are here!! Karen, thank you for hosting such a FUN theme!!
I highly recommend Christine's Johnson pattern which can be found at Members Patterns - squares - page 5??

A few weeks ago I gave one of our knitting ladies, Sheila K a large bag of odds and ends of yarn.......she has created two stunning, colourful blankets, I absolutely love this one and thought it was suitable for the 'sassy stripes' part of this months theme.

What a stunning display of colorful and "sassy" stripes.  Sheila has created a masterpiece ... simply gorgeous!  I shudder to think of all the ends that must have been tucked in.  Well done Sheila ... xo

Gosh this is a glorious creation - stunning. Please be sure to pass on huge congratulations to Sheila - for indeed it must have taken hours and hours of knitting - let alone the time finishing off ends of wool then sewing up. She has the patience of a Saint.

Wow. Simply WOW! 

Absolutely gorgeous!

Glorious blanket!! Many thanks Sheila K.
Wow - what an amazing collection! I love all those colourful stripes.

Okay, is anybody tired of swing needle creations yet?  I guess I'm like a dog with a bone, and I just can't let go until I have figured these things out ... hahaha  Here is another pattern that creates a type of textured stripes as opposed to colored stripes..  I hope these are suitable for this month.  

They are both the same pattern - (Row 1 Knit, Row 2 K1, P1 - repeat).  The variegated one is done by dividing the ball in two and working from two ends.  I'm told this helps to spread the colors more evenly and prevent too much color pooling.  Seemed to work :)

So now, since I just can't leave well enough alone, I am going to attempt to find out if I can make a diagonal using the swing needle technique ... xo

You are amazing Gloria xx
This stitch, and your use of colour, have created 2 very pretty unique squares. I hadn't heard of the swing needle creations technique as a phrase, so I'm pleased your wrote the stitch down below your work for me. Super texture and I assume they've worked out sponge/stretchy too. Fab squares thank you X



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