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September challenge: Intervene for a teen, Jabulani and the Hill Kids

Wow, what fantastic discussions everyone about the September challenge. I have included everything that was possible in the challenge, including your requests for it to go beyond one month. There are also many options to become involved in, so no one needs to feel under pressure - please just chose what you feel you can do - every contribution will make a difference! Here are the options:

Challenge 1 – Jabulani Khakibos Boys' Blankets
35 blankets made of 35 squares each = 1,225 squares in sturdy boy type colours and yarns. Just nominate below anything from 1 square to 35.

Challenge 2 - 35 GO-OVERS (next week!)
Select a boys name and size for this challenge. (I am waiting on their names, sizes and ages) from Stephanie. But you could indicate in the meantime if you intend to knit or crochet a GO-OVER. (BTW, once their names are published, we can add an initialed square for their blankets if you would like.)

Challenge 3 – The Hill Kids - 30 felted blankets
30 x 40 = 1,200 felted squares. For this challenge we are suggesting that you felt an old existing wool jumper of garment such as shown on the site here, rather than knitting a square and then felting it.

Felting a pure wool jumper is easy (as long as it is not washable wool). You just pop it into a hot wash with lots of soap and then put it into the tumble dryer. We got 40 squares easily out of 3 middle sized jumpers and a little bit of a moth-eaten old wool blanket, all of them were second hand from opportunity shops. Click here for the site instructions on felting squares.

For those of you who are sewers, we are just checking with Ronda as to whether we should risk sending a whole blanket regarding duty, it may be best to send strips or just piles of squares. Wandile and the Parish ladies are very happy to crochet together blankets but I will get back to you all in a day or so. We had dozens of great ideas about how to join felted squares and we will publish them in this thread.

Challenge 4 - 100 Hill Kids hats, knitted, crocheted and sewn fleecy hats
These need to be warm and cosy and however you want to make them. We would suggest that you make them for 8 - 18 year olds. We felt that we could not know exactly who was living up in those hills, but certainly Eloise will find a way of getting needy children warm hats who live outdoors. Even in summer a hat would be useful in the middle of the night.

Hope this has captured everything, look forward to an exciting month(s).

PLEDGES to 3 September - Go team!
Mary Lokken - 1 GO-OVER, hats
Sandy McDonald - 40 felted squares, 4 knitted squares
Ann De Boer - 7 hats, 19 squares, 1 GO-OVER
Christine Johnson - 1 GO-OVER, 8 hats
Dawn Laverty - 1 GO-OVER
Jeanne Haessler - 1 GO-OVER, 1 hat
Suzanne DeFalco - 1 GO-OVER, 5 squares
Linda & David Maltby - 35 squares
MrsRCm - 3 squares
Janet Emily Mangione - As many felted squares as possible, 1 GO-OVER, 3 hats
Andrea Palmatier - 1 GO-OVER, as many felted squares as possible
Karen - 40 felted squares, 10 hats
Galereh Taj - 1 GO-OVER, as many hats as possible
Zanny Blew - 2 knitted squares, 2 crocheted squares, 1 GO-OVER, 2 hats
Tina Davis - 1 Go-OVER and hats
Dochas22 - 35 squares
Kalai McDonald - I'll try my hand at felted squares this month, will let you know the tally
Anne Powell - 4 GO OVERS
Laurie Hake - 1 hat
Jacqueline Sousa - hats
Claire O - 5 hats for Hills kids, 5 squares for Jabulani boys
Elaine Jones - 1 GO-OVER, 1 hat
Angela Deakin - squares and hats
Jen Phillips - 1 GO-OVER, 2 hats, squares
Rebecca Westcott - 35 squares for Jabulani boys, at least 5 hats for Hills kids
Sue Gillman - 35 squares
Cluadia Brau - 3 wool squares (Jabulani) & erasers
Anne Lokken - 1 GO-OVER, 2 hats
Katelen Lowry - 15 squares (Jabulani)
Julia Kempton - 2 hats, 5 crochet squares
Laurie Hake - 35 squares
Pam Lee - felted squares

Posted items:
Mary Lokken - 3 big boys beanies
Zanny Blew - 2 big boy beanies

JabulaniKhakiBos Boys

9 Thembani Ncube (7-8yrs)
11 Anathi Mthethwa (11-12yrs)
11 Kabelo Legodi (9-10yrs)
12 Sandile Zondi (13-14yrs)
12 Shane Kocha (11-12yrs)
12 Lebogang Springbok (10-11yrs)
14 Idris Kasongo (12-13 yrs)
14 Mbulelo Mbayimbayi (8-9yrs)
15 Lucas Khumba (14-15yrs)
15 Teboho Makatsa (14-15yrs)
16 Jessy Tshilumba (Large)
16 Mohau Legodi (13-14yrs)
16 Odirile Maboya (13-14yrs)
16 Slad Makumba (15-16yrs)
16 John Kumbe (15-16yrs)
18 Lemosh Wamusse (16-17yrs)
17 Lisborn Maseko (Medium)
17 Luyanda Ntsuka (Medium)
18 Angelo Wamusse (16-17yrs)
18 Tshepo Mpine (Medium)
18 Tshepo Hlatshwayo (15-16yrs)
18 Amis Nzirubusa (16-17yrs)
19 Donald Maseko (Medium)
19 Sphiwe Mahlangu (Medium)
20 Phumlani Mbayimbayi (Medium)
20 Yandisa Fanaphi (16-17yrs)
21 Thabiso Mokheledi (Medium)
21 Omari Nzirubusa (Medium)
21 Buhle Hlatshwayo (Medium)
22 Sibusiso Nkosi (Medium)

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Hi Sandy!
I pledge to make a GO OVER and definitely also some nice wool hats in various sizes for the hill kids!
Brilliant Mary, thank you so much lovely to see you in this forum again.

So we have 34 GO-OVERS to go!
Hi Sandy..great challenge! I am almost finished a GO-OVER that will fit a 16 year old (or older) so I will take the name of one of the older boys when the list is up. I'll add on a hat for this boy. I also have three finished G-O's here ready to go (2 size 8-14, 1 size 4-6). I suspect from the reaction to the GO-OVER, the list will fill up quickly so these can just be put into the general pool or stockpiled for later use.

If we do get more GO-OVERS than needed for the list, they will be needed elsewhere... so I would think we might consider keeping a tally of our "extras" as part of this challenge, just for fun. Maybe these could be used for the Hill Kids??

So glad to see size 8-18 hats on the list
Quick question, and forgive me if this has already been discussed elsewhere:

what if the preferred material for a GO OVER? Wool or acrylic or a blend?

Thanks! Mary
For the Jabulani Boys it could be any of the above as they are in residence. I hazzard a guess but do not know for sure that our Hill Kids will light fires when they can. Although fuel may well be scarce.
OK - I'll use 100% wool. I already have an idea using black with some bright colors... :o)
look forward to seeing them Mary.
I will commit to 40 felted squares and 4 squares for the JKK boys.
I have 7 hats and 19 "boy colour" squares to send and have a go-over on the hook at the moment. Not sure what size it will fit yet.
I will pledge one Go-over (and hopefully make more) and I have two hats ready so should be able to make at least six more.
Sorry, should have said that they would all be knitted.
I pledge one GO OVER, and a beanie. I think I'm going to knit my go over in the round though as I'm useless at sewing things together. It will be the same basic idea.
I'll do it in a wool blend, as I have some on order which should hopefully be here by the end of the week.
I thought about using the same yarn as my latest blanket......do you think that would be o.k? The yarn is super warm, but maybe the colours aren't bright enough......any feedback appreciated!
Dawn x



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