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Very late opening this thread this year for various reasons that you know about but lots of pictures have now been received and should be posted over the next few days. Many more will appear in the Blanket Room 2017 which will be opened shortly.

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As you will have seen a flood caused problems earlier this year and Pam has posted photos of the resulting damage and the hard work of volunteers dealing with it. These pictures are from before the flooding, at the first Opening Day of the year in January.

Thanks Christine, lovely to see these ladies with some many wonderful goodies :))

Thank you for your perseverance, Christine. It is always good to see these pictures of the wonderful arrivals!

Great to see Molly again and holding one of my bags.  Hello to all the Tuesday volunteers.

Looks like it was a BUSY day.  :))

Thank you, Christine for starting this discussion/posting these pics....hope all your 'problems' are over.  :))

I seem to be having trouble with Ning adding my comments at the moment...don't ask me how this appeared ABOVE yours.

I have received quite a number of pictures from Ronda this week from the Opening Days 28th February and March 3rd. However, a number of the photos have somehow been deleted. Ronda explains:

"Dear ladies - some opening pictures from 28th Feb.

Strangely  all the blanket pics have been deleted , but NOT the pics of who sent the blankets.

Normally we make a very large pile of flat laid blankets - sometimes they come to waist high which is when Joel is so useful at taking the pics because of his height. We lay a name label on top of the blanket/s to show who stitched them (and on 28th we had more than 100 gogo blankets from Naledi and Rockville) but here we seem to have ONLY the labels."

I am posting the labels so that the senders can see that their blankets have arrived but I'm afraid that we can't see them in all their splendour.

There are a lot of other photos though of other items which I'll post shortly. (I'm still trying to catch up with 21st February pictures.)



Although the blanket pictures from 28th February have been lost  there were photos of the Opening Day. Just as I received them and in no particular order, a busy day in February : - 


Thank you for posting all these amazing photos.  I have to say that I think the bridal mice are divine.  Wish I knew who made those.

I love seeing all the colors filling the KASbarn.

Anybody able to claim that they made these?

They are wonderful.

I agree I love those mice ! It is wonderful to see all the squares and beanies and hand warmers. Hats off to the blanket makers. It is disappointing that we did not see your work this time but you are so appreciated and it is lovely to see your names.

LOVE those mice....and I see some Aussie crafters here.....yay!!



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