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Edy made some bright and colourful scrap yarn hats when he started out.... 


 That is not all that Edy makes with his yarn scraps, he is remembered and loved for the fabulous dolls he made. The Team in South Africa were amazed to find that they are big dolls. Each one unique with a head full of hair, creative clothes, and all with beaming smiles ! There will be happy children in SA who receive one of these. Edy gave us a running photo commentary on how they were made. Here are some of the photos.

Check out the belly buttons !


Here are two of them safe in South Africa ready to be loved 


And two more......

Thank You Edy for your imagination and creativity for the children of South Africa !!! 

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We seem to be having technical difficulties....stay tuned for photos !

Meanwhile here is Edy's blog.    http://forum.knit-a-square.com/forum/topics/use-up-all-the-yarn-sea...

Really sorry people I have tried re pasting them and emailing them to myself for recopying and nothing has worked  afak, as they look OK to me !!.

afak=as far as kown

I sincerely hope that all the photos are up now. Please let me know if there are more problems. Thank you for your patience !

Well done Sue !  Thanks for your perseverance in the face of Ning !!

Here's the photo of Edy's "scraps" hats.  I love how bright and cheery they are. [Sue, the photo doesn't show in the intro ]

Congratulations Edy on the Square Heart Award for the New Year!!! Sooo well deserved!!!

You showed us all your wonderful talents through your blog....what a joy that was to follow (with great anticipation on our parts).......and you showed us how to stashbust, BIG TIME!!!!........no yarn was wasted in the making of your gorgeous dolls, miniature dolls and hats......you are one clever cookie!!

Well done, Sue, for all your efforts in bringing the photos to all our KASfriends.....you deserve an 11 out of 10.  :))

Just thought I would add a pic of Edy's miniature dollies.....so cute......of course with my skills they could disappear, too....lol.

I LOVE your dollies!!  They are adorable and so indeed ready to be loved.  What cute belly buttons they have too :-)

And such beautiful scrap hats.  So unique looking.  Well deserved Edy.

Thanks Bev the minis are so cute too ! I overlooked them.

Linda I had a go at copying from yours not sure if that worked!

I love your maxi and mini dolls very much. But your hats are simply amazing!!!

Congratulations, Edy!!!!  A well-deserved award, for sure!!! 

Thank you for your contributions of warmth, color, and fun.  I can just imagine the hugs your dolls must get when placed in the arms of a child! xo

Congratulation Edy on your SHA..........I love your scrappy hats, so unique but your dolls are something else!! They are FABULOUS...........I loved reading your blog and waited patiently for every instalment....I was amazed when I saw SOME your dolls arrive in SA, they are huge. I'm sure they are much loved and treasured by the children. Well done :)))

Edy, congratulations.  Your work is so creative and unique. You are brightening the lives of so many people in South Africa and around the world.  Thank you for wonderful contribution to the KAS world.



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