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CRITICAL APPEAL 2013 The irresistible and irrepressible children of...

Dear KasCommunity,

There has been a wonderful response so far to this critical appeal sent out last night (June 29th or 28th 2013, depending on where you live!

Your support and care means so much as we traverse this next stage of the KasCare journey.

So far, in just 24 hours, we have received US $557.00 in multiple donations ranging from $2.00 to $50.00.  Many of you have purchased items from the Square Shop.

But here is some wonderful, wonderful news that we can all celebrate.  A person, who has asked that she remain anonymous, has donated $4,500 half of the required amount of $9,000 in memory of her recently departed partner.

As I wrote to her, her unequaled generosity will be sealed in our collective hearts and memories as a turning point in our history.

So it is with enormous joy that we can celebrate the balance now as only $3,943.00.  Let's see how long it will take to reduce that to zero.  Bearing in mind, that I won't include regular donations which ensure the day to day running of the on the ground operations.

On that note, would you be so kind as to mark your donation as CRITICAL APPEAL 2013.

To our major benefactor, we all salute you for your magnanimous donation.

Have a wonderful Sunday, wherever you are.

Love Sandy

CRITICAL APPEAL 2013 The irresistible and irrepressible children of...

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These wonderful and generous donations will open the gateway for KAS to evolve and develop - thank you, thank you, thank you!

Wow, another $370 since I put this up.  You are AWESOME!  Balance now $3573.00

So exciting, that KAS is ready to move to the next stage of its development, and that our members are so ready to support that step!

And I haven't made my donation yet!  ;-)
I can't donate a lot, but I know that every little bit helps!
xoxoxo !!!

Sandy - I just made a donation through the shop, but I didn't see any possibility to write "critical appeal 2013" on it.
In any case, I'm sure it will all go to the cause!

Awesome indeed!!!! Once again KASers have demonstrated that they are just THE most generous, caring souls.  :))

WOW!!!!! There are such a lot of generous people out there which shouldn't really surprise us, because all KASers are  very special <3

Sandy, I'm on the mailing list, but did not receive your letter last night, and there is nowhere on the site that I can find any information on this critical appeal. What is it about? The link above does not work--I get a "No Such Page" screen.  Can you fix this?  If others are having the same problem, you may be losing out on donations.

Mary Jo, I'll send you my copy via your email address. If you have any further problems just come back to my email contact address.

I didn't get anything either (other than the e-mail sent today saying what is above). Could you send me a copy of it?

OK Dawson!  It is now on its way, Mary Jo got hers!

Hello everyone, the link was in the copy above, my apologies for not making it bold and naming it CRITICAL APPEAL.  The link was also in the broadcast but I only called it by the the headline I had used in the email.  Sorry for confusing you.  For those of you who have not received your emails, would re re-subscribe to Square Circle on the site here:  http://www.knit-a-square.com/knittingforcharity-ezine.html   It is on the left hand side.   It is also a useful link for those of you who might like to read some of the back issues.   Thank you for bringing this to my notice Mary Jo and Dawson.








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