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organised by Lindi Ngwenya

The blankets have all been stitched together by the groups of gogo's in the respective areas.


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Its great to see another distribution. LOVING all the handmade toys.....wish I wasn't so slow at it, perhaps then I wouldn't procrastinate so much.  :))

Feeling for the little ones with bare feet, but hoping they do have some shoes and have simply chosen to take them off.

Thanks Lindi for organising this. With the icy weather that has blown into Gauteng today, it's great to know that at least these children have warm blankets to cuddle up in and some toys to hug!  So grateful to all the knitters out there who make these distributions possible.

Lovely to see the children wrapped up in their blankets.Hopefully they will help to keep the cold out . Thank you Lindi for arranging this.

Thank you soooo much Lindi for what you do for the children! Thank you for the photos, love to see the blankets and the handmade toys! xo

Oh look at those darling children and all the helpers. Thank you for the gorgeous images. I have just been to the shop for another spend up on fuel for distribution. Zoom zoom keep the motor running to the children.

Thank you Lindi another very successful distribution. There are some lovely hats and knitted toys. One little girl with the tan teddy is really loving it ! Thank goodness for the colourful blankets with the colder weather.

Thanks Maudie.  The KASVan needs its tank filled quite a few times.

Great to see the children receiving blankets and hats as well as cute teddy bears.  Thanks Lindi.

The weather in Johannesburg has turned cold with a high of 18C and a low of 2C forecast for Tuesday. 

These children will be cozy and warm.


BIG thanks Lindi for all you do for "our" children. Well done!!

I have just noticed all the blankets seem to be beautifully edged, a very professional touch and will help them to stay together !

I love to see the distribution photos. You can just see how warm they will be!

A quick question. Our group sent quite a few hats, but we put pom-poms on them. Should they not have pom-poms? I don't see any hats with them in the distribution photos. We will be making more this year and I want to make sure we are doing the right thing.


Hi Juli, Ronda does receive pom-pom hats, but not as many as beanies! Pom-poms add weight and size to parcels - thus adding to postage costs!  Additionally, when distributing the team try to keep things much the same so that all sexes are catered for, and, it has been noticed that pom-poms also provide 'pulling' power. When I get a chance I'll ask Ronda about pom-poms and come back!



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