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Here is a distribution report written by Vivienne Molefe,

a new board member and the first one to write a distribution report off her own bat.

Vivienne and her brother drove all the way to Warrenton in the Northern Cape, which is an area to which KAS has never been before - after loading up his small sedan at the office.

So, we see this is a ground breaking event in more ways than one.


Distribution/s in Ikhutseng location, Warrenton in the Northern Cape, by Vivienne Molefe


Distribution Date              :               28 April 2017

  1. Atamelang Creche – 35 children
  2. Rite to Care Day Centre – 45 children


Knit-a-Square donated 80 blankets, 80 beanies and 80 handwarmer sets.


The little faces were bright with wide opened eyes, smiling – and others screaming.

They sang and prayed and afterwards we had our distribution.

The parents were also there to witness, photographs were taken and everyone was happy.


I was told that Warrenton is a “forgotten little town.  It was the first time they had people from Johannesburg coming to donate to the children.

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what wonderfully cheerful blankets hats and handwarmers... such joy...  I shall have to do some handwarmers in 'our' winter.

Thank you so much to Vivienne and her brother for distributing 'our' goodies to the children. So good to see that they are reaching children far and wide.

A fabulous report from Vivienne....lovely to see other members of the team in SA are able to help Ronda with the reports....much appreciated by us and by Ronda, I'm sure.  :))

Think I spy a blanket in the second pic down made by Sheila, one of Louise's lovely knitting ladies. The one with the squares within squares, within squares....gorgeous!!

Well spotted Bev,  yes, the child at the front in the second pic is being wrapped in Sheila's stunning mitre square blanket......Sheila will be soooo happy to see this photo.

Thank you Vivienne and her brother for distributing items in Warrington. It's wonderful to hear that KAS is reaching forgotten communities.  Fabulous report and photos.  :)))

Thank you Vivienne and your brother for distributing to a forgotten community. That warms my heart. The photos and report are superb.

Lovely to see more pictures of distributions and I am so happy to see a child in one of the blankets I crocheted.

Joyce, you must be thrilled to see a child wrapped with one of your blanket. 

I can see some of my handwarmers in these pictures:)

It's a joy to see the children's happy faces.

I saw them too, Joan. What a nice feeling, even for me !!

What a rainbow of love and loveliness. :)

Beautiful to see the children wrapped in so much love from our hands. Thank you Vivienne for the report and the very special efforts to reach out to children. Thanks to your brother too. 




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