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Actually, no opening of parcels was possible because we discovered so many more wet items undiscovered the previous Tuesday, and also had to size,re-pack and re-bag all the dried items which our friends brought back to us !

So we have a LARGE pile of post to open next Tuesday ... though with a good deal of rain around (and a cyclone in the Mozambique channel which threaten heavy storms) we are praying for the office to "hold" dry until Tuesday when we should be getting pallets !!  We have ordered 10 to begin with.  They are new so we will need to pay for them but understand they are not terribly expensive - even with transport costs added.

The landlords did clear a huge amount of debris from the stormwater drains adjacent to the KASbarn, so perhaps it was that blockage which caused the water table to rise up the way it did on 5th February.

There are a couple of pics showing the storm water level ... no wonder there was so much damage done.  We HAVE cleaned the storage unit ... it looks filthy in this pic, no doubt from the muddy water.

Did any of you see the appeal on FB, made by my friend Mandy Keil, asking for plastic storage boxes.  We did - almost immediately - receive two beautiful boxes which were delivered by the daughter of my lifelong friend from primary school days in Zimbabwe, bless her DEAR heart.  She runs a small pre-primary school close by and also send wonderful photographs of the little pupils washing squares and putting them out to dry ... TOO sweet.  I will try and get them across to you by emailing them to myself in due course ... fine to share amongst Knit-a-Square people, but not on FB of course.

Thanks for your help, ladies ... hugs from us all.



Received from my (primary school) friend Pauline's daughter, Shannon, who was the first person to rush over the two lovely large boxes after
the FB appeal put out by Mandy.

Shannon runs a small school in our area - she is the most wonderful young woman - and she got her little ones busy washing the squares while they learnt, not only about floods and all things geographic ... but charity works and vulnerable children in their own country ...  and all the rest !
I just ADORE these pics - they do so capture the spirit of the SO many
people who rushed to our help. I could not put them on FB for obvious reasons of anonymity in SA, but our
forum members and mods might enjoy them indeed.

RONDA : There is SO much rain around again this week - but I went to the office this morning and all seems well!

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Wonderful report.  I fell like I have visited the sorting room.  Praying this new storm has no affect on the barn, and that the new pallets work out.  Good news about the stormdrains being cleared out.

What a lot of extra work !  Thank you to everyone who assisted.  Looks like even the posters were saved.

Thank you for letting us know how you are doing. Especially touching about daughter of schoolmate remaining faithful. Teaching, caring and love in action. 

Amazing effort by AMAZING, wonderful people....that's the kind of spirit and dedication that makes KAS such a beautiful place to belong to.

I can only echo all the other comments.    How clever Shannon was to have the children wash squares in the kiddie pool.   Fun and work all in one!

Thanks for the update, Pam...one little girl looks like she may have had 'a little wash', too, judging by the front of her shirt....lol. 

Oh my goodness what  story and all that extra work ! Everything has been very lovingly saved. Those dear little children scrubbing the squares clean again, and they have a lovely friend and teacher to get you some plastic boxes. I hope you get some more soon !

Beautiful photos! The love, caring and sharing and the joy on the children's faces is truly awesome. Such pure joy in their eyes. Please thank the teacher.

Note from Ronda:

We have spent quite a bit of extra money on cleaning and clearing the flood.  It has been a wonderful experience in terms of all the help which came as a pleasant surprise initially.

But it made us realise that many people know about Knit-a-Square and were keen to help us in our hour of need !



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