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Well folks, it’s that time of year again!


The dates for this years ‘Yours Live’ is Tuesday March 5th – Friday March 8th    

at Butlins, Skegness 





Three wonderful days of crafting events and people joining us to knit a square or two or three and more!


Also includes good food and excellent entertainment!!


If you would like to join us or have any questions then simply contact me.


To read reports on last years’ event, and maybe encourage you to join us, here is a link;





To find out more simply click on the link which will take you to the magazines’ information page;



For information about accommodation or booking please click this link;

Yours Live 2013


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If anyone wants a 3 or 4 day break we would love to meet you  :)

I'm not old enough!!! But I'd love to go! Also, it's work time :(


LOL....you dont have to be that old but yes, lots of people will be working, but as I've been the last two years I make sure I have some annual leave from work :)

Don't you have to be over 50? I remember seeing that last year when I checked ....

I'm (snow permitting) collecting contributions from Philippa in Oxford and Joan in Harrow - next week!  So we'll have more needles and yarn thanks to both these ladies!  I've also got stacks of yarn that Shirley gave me last Autumn. So we should have plenty to get the ladies, and, the secret male cabin knitters, at Butlin's Holiday Camp Skegness.   Yours Live, is exactly that, quite lively despite the age range!  Will Pam J. be attending the belly dancing classes again this year?????

.. and don't forget the Burlesque, Jive and Lindy Hop dancing - to name just a few.  do you think you have enough wool Pam or do you want me to bring some.  will bring the hat looms too as they brought us a lot of attention.  As for tombola and sales table - we have loads and loads so should be able to do a good job fundraising.  Looking forward to it....

You missed out the Jitta Bug Pam!     Think, to be on the safe side do bring some, last year the Yours Live supporters produced 350 squares in two days!  Especially, if some have a go a the hat looms.

Will do.:-)

I SEE not so much of the knitting then and rather a lot of cavorting!!

Sue - maybe these ladies can do both at once!! I must try that sometime

Pam J certainly knows how to cavort with the best of them!

Have sent the application back requesting tables and chairs etc so maybe it time to start thinking about what each of us is bringing...only 4 weeks!!



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