2014 is The Year of the Square !

Although the Postal Strike slowed down the arrival of parcels, in 2014, the team opened and sorted a huge number of parcels from generous people around the world.  Thank you  !


Find the Squares List on the website:


Click on ‘Received Squares’


Reminders when packing your parcels

1. Squares

           -pack flat                             -tail neatly butterflied                -bundled in 5/10  2. Inside the parcel:                                             3. Check Postage discussion

Fill in and include the packing slip.                             

Found here                     





The number of squares, beanies and tops

received in South Africa in 2014 [red line] compared to 2013 [blue line].


2014 Totals :

Squares: 137,394

Hats: 4,308

Tops: 2,782

Squares: December: 18,684 [534 blankets]

Hats: December: 406

Tops:  December: 511


Find the Squares List on the website:

www.knit-a-square.com   Click on ‘Received Squares’




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    Thanks to the dedication of the volunteers, the total of 18,684 squares is the second highest for 2014.   This is a fantastic feat considering the last two Thursdays of December were holidays [Christmas and New Year’s Day] 

    The S.A. team will not receive parcels in the order sent and is still attempting to clear the backlog. Please be patient and watch the Squares Lists for your name. If your parcel is not on this list, it will be on the next one or even the one after that !

    The December 2014 Squares List is available on www.knit-a-square.com “Received Squares”

    Graphs for Squares, Hats and Tops are in the intro above.

    Please include the Packing Slip in your parcel to help the team with recording.


    The South African Postal strike is over.  However, the huge backlog means the S.A. team will not receive parcels in the order sent.  Do not be dismayed if your parcel is not on this list, it will be on the next one or even the one after that !

    Check above for the updated graphs.

  • 2014 November 15

    The South African Postal Strike is in its third month.  Because of the strike, the Knit-a-Square team did not report an October Squares tally.    

    Although there have been some positive negotiations, please do not send any parcels until notified. 

    Sorting the backlog of international mail at Bryanston Post Office will be a difficult task and parcels will not be received by the S.A. team in mailing order….do not despair if your parcel, sent months ago, isn’t on the next list.  It may be at the bottom of the pile (with mine) !


  • Dear all,

     I see the september list has plummeted in terms of numbers - probably the side-effects of the strike. Does anyone know how if the postal services have started to run better in the Gauteng Province? Piles of squares waiting here to be sent:D

    Thanks in avance!

    • As soon as the strike is over Aline, we'll post a NEWS FLASH - see top box in righthand column!

      Sadly, this strike is proving very effective, even Ronda hasn't been able to sweet-talk the depot staff to release some of the parcels. The KasVan is going to be crammed to bursting when the strike ends!

  • The September Squares list is available at www.knit-a-square.com

    Sadly, the numbers are quite low because of the postal strike in South Africa.  We are asked to hold our mailings as there will be quite a backlog when it is over !  [No word on when it will end ]

  • Good news for hat makers ! The supply of hats is down to a manageable size and we may start making hats again.  Ronda, we will try to keep the flow to a trickle rather than a deluge.2868309682?profile=original

    • How about if we plan one hat for every 35 squares we make ?  That way the South African team will have a steady supply but won't be overwhelmed !  We also need to remember they have a very small office to store/work in.

      Hand-warmers are still needed.  Please remember to make a pair or two :-)

  • From January to July 2014, almost 100,000 squares have been received. [94,022 squares]  This translates to 2,686 blankets..2868311368?profile=RESIZE_480x480

    • Wow! If the flow stays the same for the rest of the year, that's over 5,000 kids warmed by the love of so many. And that means an awful lot of sewing, sewing and more sewing on the SA end. It's rather mind boggling. Many kudos to Ronda and her team, the gogos and everyone else involved!

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