• Wandi recently distributed 60 blankets to Tiny Bears in the district of Kagiso.  That is about 30 km away from The Barn.


    Along with blankets, toys, hand-warmers and beanies, she gave the creche a comfort bear to be enjoyed by all the children.  Sometimes we get large toys donated to KAS, now the volunteers are distributing those to the creches for children to use when things are not going well for them and they need something to hug..  Often times the small toys go home with the children and stay there.  The KAS Comfort Bear stays at the creche for anyone to use.


    Wandi's distribution put lots of smiles on some very precious faces.


    • Thanks for posting these wonderful pictures, Amy. Always a joy to see them.

    • Oh my, what beautiful children.  I just love that little one holding up her handwarmers ... what an angel.

      How gently they seem to be touching that comfort bear.  It must be a special treat for the children at the daycare.  Thanks, Amy, for sharing these photos ... xo

      • Hi Gloria. I’m so thrilled to see my bear has a very important job comforting the children. 

        • Oh Judith, what a lovely feeling it must be to see your beautiful bear being enjoyed by the children!  I'm sure he will be receiving lots of hugs, putting smiles back onto sad faces, and mending hurt feelings and broken hearts.  You're right - your comfort bear has a very important job to do.  From the looks on the faces of the children around him, he's doing that job very well ... xo

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