July through September are the coldest months in South Africa as winter temperatures are the lowest.  

This discussion will capture the many distributions that take place in the Third Quarter.  There is a Mass Distribution in honour of Mandela Day and one for celebrating Christmas in July.

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  • Estelle and Sheldon returned to  Fandisi School   on September 26 to distribute another 40 blankets.

    Sheldon Bolle and I did a follow up distribution at Fandisi school for KNIT A SQUARE on Monday. We visited the pre primary school in winter with 100 blankets and distributed another 40 on Monday.
    Thank you for all your help Sheldon I wouldn’t have managed without you.
    The entrance to Fandisi Informal Settlement.
    The children looking for a shady spot to have their lunch break.
    It was an extremely hot day.
    10829849477?profile=RESIZE_710x10829849873?profile=RESIZE_710xWe distributed the blankets in the Hall/ Church….it was like an oven in there . Lovely granny squares from Amy, navy/ green granny squares from Ronda’s friend, one of CLMC famous blankets and some squares from Michelle Babcock’s family. 
    Beautiful blanket stitched together by Marioth Brown. A G and LOVE square on the second blanket from Amy, a tiny chap hiding with the blanket I made from Croatian squares.
    10829851281?profile=RESIZE_710xHeather Mensah's fabulous black and white squares, pink one from Wendy, and more beautiful squares from Michelle Babcock.
    Oops wrong way round. Fabulous squares from Ada and Amy and many other contributors.
    10829853465?profile=RESIZE_710xThe greens all from Elaine Joubert.10829853101?profile=RESIZE_710xI think this is also the wrong side but these little guys just wanted to go outside. That’s such a lovely sheep in the middle.
    10829853875?profile=RESIZE_710xBeautiful squares from Louise.
    10829854067?profile=RESIZE_710xNot sure who sent the squares for the following blankets.
    10829854680?profile=RESIZE_710xNew mums were delighted with their blankets.
    10829855084?profile=RESIZE_710x10829855291?profile=RESIZE_710xSheldon loved the church.
    10829855878?profile=RESIZE_710xSheldon, Paulina, Nonhlanhla and Pastor Johnathan thank you all for your help.
  • Athele and Tanj Komen had a very long trip to Harare Zimbabwe to distribute KAS goodies and many other items.  

    Here is a moving update from Athele:

    Look at what all rolled in on the back of my modest seven KNITASQUARE blankets, beanies and toys I managed to squeeze into my suitcase.
    Donations simple poured in once Tanj put the word out to her fabulous circle of friends. Including a brand new pool table and soccer table (can’t recall the name). The children of Kambuzuma outreach, all orphaned or in very vulnerable situations, were beside themselves. These incredible donations came from the boss of a friend of Tanj’s.
    She came to visit and saw the blankets I’d stitched together and was so touched she cried. Then she went back to her boss and told him where she’d just been and how inspired she was. Upon which he immediately offered his pool and soccer tables And organised a truck to get them there in time for our delivery.
    Which was half a truck load of clothes and katundra that poured in on the back of those seven blankets. Isn’t that just beautiful.
    Well done to the worldwide web of love that is KNITASQUARE for setting the energy in motion.
    Madonna, Tanj and yours truly, floating on a cloud of joy after handing out the bounty that poured in on the back of the seven blankets from KNITASQUARE I managed to bring with me to Harare. So lovely to be out and about in public representing KNITASQUARE in Zimbabwe again. Madonna and her team and the many other organisations like ours do incredible work in Kambuzuma to help the most vulnerable and orphans of this community on the outskirts of Harare.
    Everyday scenes...
    Thank you Athele for bringing us this wonderful photo essay.
    • Oh how humbling to see the smiley faces of these children, and to see their environment is an eye-opener too.   Lovely coverage!

    • Thank you so much for this inspiring report and fabulous pictures.   It is always true:  Kindness begets kindness.

  • Photos from Wandi and Themba's distribution to  Keamogetse Day Care Centre on September 13, 2022.  They distributed 135 blankets today.  There were blankets in this distributions with items from Susanne Leverton, Cathy Riley, Karla Bystrianská and more.



    • Oh just look at those little darlings swathed in such colour + warmth X

  • On August 16, Wandi and Themba made two distributions with a Christmas theme...green, red, white and a bit of gold.

    Here is their report...

    Wandi and Themba went off to Soweto to Maleboho Day Care, Protea South and Siyanqoba Day Care to distribute our stunning Christmas blankets and toys armed with fabulous Christmas cakes that Ronda had specially made for the distributions.
    The blankets and matching beanies in the vibrant Reds, Greens and a touch of white were absolutely stunning- thanks to our amazing contributors. Christmas came to these precious children in August nevertheless there will be another 60 warm children tonight.
    Thanks for the super pics Wands and Themba and well done!
    • I love the distributions page - it is my favourite to check out.

      Absolutely delighted to see a small child wrapped in the Santa Hat blanket, I knitted last year.

      Last photo, child on left.

  • I just love taking time to enjoy the distribution pictures.   It makes my day, and so emotional,  and makes me think of this:


    • Very touching song Karen....and so true.

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