12360193490?profile=RESIZE_710xThe first opening day for the KAS Barn in 2024 was January 9.  

This discussion will focus on all the weekly activities that take place on

Tuesdays as our volunteers gather together to open parcels, 

sort, organized, pack and distribute all things KAS.

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  • News from Estelle,

    They say time flies when you’re having fun well…it was a fun, chatty morning and here we are again opening parcels for KNIT-A-SQUARE. We seem to have the colour coding and sizing down to a fine art especially as we are blessed with beautiful squares from our contributors.
    Some things never change…we all seem happy around this table.
    Sheldon’s display of the toys we received in the post.
    12390170858?profile=RESIZE_584x50 beanies from Angela Barby from Australia, inspired by her daughter who holidayed in Africa and learnt about KNIT A SQUARE, Angela has followed us on Facebook and is also going to crotchet squares for KAS…the joys of social media!
     Thank you for the lovely card you included Pam Clements.
    Thanks, Ronda the post kept us busy all morning and a special thanks to Sheldon for arranging toys, beanies, doing the back breaking jobs and holding the blankets all to be photographed.
    It was great to see you Norma thanks for taking all the loot to Kempton Park.
    Christmas is around the corner…a beautiful original Christmas blanket thanks Amy. We all loved the addition of the variegated yarn.
    Julie Martin made two of these soft snuggly blankets.
    12390171867?profile=RESIZE_584xAnother masterpiece from Kathleen Bergman from Clear Lake Methodist Church.
    That’s a lot of work…joining all those small squares, it turned out beautifully with the variegated squares from St Stithians school.
    12390172480?profile=RESIZE_584xKarla’s animals loving being surrounded by some squares from Antoinette’s team.
    12390173061?profile=RESIZE_584xMy blanket is made up from various contributors, Elaine and a couple of plain ones from me. The squares are gorgeous thank you.
  • News from Ronda on February 15...

    Knit-a-Square loves Knit-for-Life. How we enjoyed opening 8 of your ten boxes this morning, savoring every item !!
    Thank you Elaine and Pam and everyone in your group.
    12385844466?profile=RESIZE_584xBlanket packs from Knit-for-Life.
    12385844278?profile=RESIZE_584xLarge squares matched and bundled for sewing … six in a batch.
    Found in K4L boxes, beautifully laundered and soft. Will be sure to send pics of the resulting blankets.
    12385844859?profile=RESIZE_584xOnly PART of Knit-for-Life’s large contribution.
    12385845265?profile=RESIZE_584xHappy workers.
    Wandi 1 and Wandi 2 went off in the van to deliver squares and collect blankets from the Chiawelo Gogo group.
    Re-building the blanket pack pile after the two Wandi’s had left the Barn with squares for Chiawel!
    12385855089?profile=RESIZE_584xViv helping to build the blanket cake.
    12385855264?profile=RESIZE_584xPhotographed by Estelleand ladies on Tuesday 13th.
    … photographs will be done in the next two weeks and sent in early March when Peter and I are back home after our upcoming 10 days in Kruger Park …
    🫣 Yes … ANOTHER trip there to refresh our souls 🦓🦛🦏🦒🐘🐆🐊🦨 ❤️
    Thanks to Traute and Sally - two dear friends who came in to volunteer this morning ! I only managed to take a pic of Sally !
    12385855285?profile=RESIZE_584xOur friend Sallysurrounded by rainbow colours !
    Thanks again to everyone who so generously supports KAS SA.
  • News from Estelle...

    Today, February 13,  was all about receiving beautiful blankets, toys and squares for the vulnerable children of South Africa.
    12381739277?profile=RESIZE_584xAntoinette your team are amazing and have inspired us to start collecting Christmas toys.
    Thank you Ronda for arranging for Bernard to meet me at the Post Office yesterday. We were all thrilled to have parcels to open this morning and once again grateful and amazed to see the cutest toys and incredible hand work our contributors have sent to KNIT A SQUARE.
    12381739289?profile=RESIZE_584xA fun parcel from Karla from The Czech Republic. They’re gorgeous.
    12381739494?profile=RESIZE_584xThe dearest little shoes from Crochet Care students from Texas.
    12381739671?profile=RESIZE_584xThe softest baby toys also from Crochet Care.
    12381739685?profile=RESIZE_584xA stunning blanket and these gorgeous toys from Maria Gehlen from The Netherlands.
    12381740257?profile=RESIZE_584xThe softest puppies from Patricia Zimmerman and jewel coloured squares which are ever so neat as well as a scarf.
    A blanket was included in Karla’s parcel - lovely design Karla!
    The following 3 are from Antoinette’s team.
    We welcomed Ronda who popped in to collect all the loot we unpacked today and Ana Forssman with her 35 blankets. Unfortunately we ran out of time to photograph yours Ana but I’m sure Wandi 2 and the ladies will do them for us.
    • It´s great! I can see not only a blanket I made but also fun animal squares. A lot of thanks to all of you.cool

    • Oh Thank you so much for sharing these bountiful offerings.   I've devoured the detail in each picture a few times.   Such generosity, imagination + terrific use of textures and colour ⭐

  • New Opening Day in the KAS Barn.  Our volunteers will now be meeting on Thursdays.

    Here is the news from Ronda:

    Love from the KASbarn … now holding volunteer days every Thursday, no longer on a Tuesday.
    We had a small pile of post to open and were also very happy to receive delivery of 10 big boxes from Knit for Life UK - a GREAT treat.
    Looking forward to delving into the boxes next week !
    We are all sweltering in a highveld heatwave,so thankful for our big, noisy fan in the barn !
    Welcome to Kathy who came in to volunteer this morning for the first time … and seemed to enjoy herself !
    12375341872?profile=RESIZE_584xKathy with a lovely Diane B blanket.
    12375341898?profile=RESIZE_584xKathy wrestling with a well-taped box.
    12375342859?profile=RESIZE_930xLovely items. 
    12375342689?profile=RESIZE_584x… such lovely colours.
    12375343093?profile=RESIZE_584xWandi 2 - full of mischief!
    12375343653?profile=RESIZE_584xWandi 2 is young enough not to suffer vertigo like the rest of us. 
    He and Wandi are restocking the shelves.
    12375343871?profile=RESIZE_584xBlanket pack collection - 4 bags going to Chiawelo Gogo group next Thursday.
    12375344452?profile=RESIZE_584xEnjoying being a volunteer these days.
    12375344088?profile=RESIZE_584xLove this view.
    Love and thanks to ALL our amazing supporters
    • Great photos, so good to see the shelves stacked high and so happy to see Kathy holding my blanket. 

      Double celebration for me, just had an email from Sandra Pillay at MNCP to say a parcel containing a blanket, beanies and handwarmers posted 8th June, 2020 has just been received!!!  The parcel was in a bit of a state.....but glad to know it has arrived.  Sadly though another parcel with some of my granddaughter's clothes posted March 2020 still hasn't arrived.

  • From Estelle...

    If it was Tuesday it must have been KAS day sitting around the same table enjoying lovely Carrot cake from Audrey and Sheldon….thank you.
    As there was no new post to open we raided the Gogos bag so that Liz and Audrey could go home with a couple of bundles.
    Cathy Riley,  I found this photo of Britannia boxes that contained many hundreds of hand warmers made by your dear friend Margaret Bloor. Each shipment you sent to KNIT-A-SQUARE contained at least 100 pairs of hand warmers made by her…you will miss her Cath. 
    Our Show and Tell today includes blankets made from contributors who have supported KAS for many years and Andreja Jagacic it’s time for a happy dance💃 Your box arrived from Croatia, with our last post so we kept your lovely blankets to post today.
    The following 6 blankets are from Croatia 🇭🇷 well done to your team
    Andreja. This is such a beautiful blanket.
    Ada Breeuwer from The Netherlands her gorgeous trucks will delight any little chap.
    12372650479?profile=RESIZE_400xAmy's lighthouse crab beautifully stitched together by Liz.
    All the pinks…one for a girl.
    12372651282?profile=RESIZE_400xAnd one for boy.
    12372651498?profile=RESIZE_400xA fabulous blanket from Liz put together with fantastic large and heart squares from Karla from The Czech Republic.
    12372652253?profile=RESIZE_400xAnother Karla/ Liz blanket the large square from Karla with a 3D mouse?
    12372651893?profile=RESIZE_400xKarla Liz loved all your matching hearts to stitch onto this blanket.
    12372652277?profile=RESIZE_400xBeautiful squares from Avenli Jolynn Pek from the USA.
    12372652483?profile=RESIZE_400xNow for Sheldon shows off his Nans lovely blankets.
    12372653259?profile=RESIZE_400x12372653479?profile=RESIZE_400x12372653677?profile=RESIZE_400x12372654060?profile=RESIZE_400x12372654252?profile=RESIZE_400xI finally finished our bush blanket Cathy.
    Thanks once again for all your help Sheldon.
    • Thanks to Liz I can see my squares in beautiful blankets. No, it isn´t a 3D mouse but it should be a grazing lamb /it´s a bit lazy and don´t want to stand uprightlaughing.

  • Here are photos from The Barn on January 30, our last Tuesday in the Barn.  Starting next week, February 8, opening day will be on Thursdays.

    12369292292?profile=RESIZE_584xOur shelves are groaning with a bounty of colorful blankets. 


    12369292888?profile=RESIZE_584xWandi with an amazing creation.  Does anyone recognized their squares?

    12369293473?profile=RESIZE_584xVivienne created this wonderful blankets from stripey stripes.  

    Just look at that amazing border!

    12369293676?profile=RESIZE_584xNorma has been busy filling up an IKEA bag.  Well done.

    12369294260?profile=RESIZE_584xWandi searching for yarn to send to the gogos for borders on blankets.

    12369294274?profile=RESIZE_584xHandyman Peter has rehung our sign...somehow it fell off the wall during the holiday break.

    12369294458?profile=RESIZE_584xThe tables are filled with sorted items.  

    Our volunteers are waiting for post as there seems to be a delay in getting parcels.

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