12360193490?profile=RESIZE_710xThe first opening day for the KAS Barn in 2024 was January 9.  

This discussion will focus on all the weekly activities that take place on

Tuesdays as our volunteers gather together to open parcels, 

sort, organized, pack and distribute all things KAS.

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  • From Estelle and our other volunteers that met on June 4.

    The dramatic drop in temperature has motivated us at KNIT-A-SQUARE to make and distribute as many blankets as possible for the vulnerable children of Johannesburg.
    We’re grateful for the post we had to open today…thank you Ronda and all of our contributors who spend hours knitting and crocheting beautiful squares for us.
    12637954064?profile=RESIZE_400xGreat to see pink parcels from The River John Square Knitters arriving again
    and were delighted to receive these two big bags from our Appliqué Queen Bev Jeffery.
    12637954460?profile=RESIZE_400xBeautiful blankets and beanies from Antoinette Nothling's team.
    12637954472?profile=RESIZE_400xThanks Pat Zimmerman for lovely sweaters and squares.
    12637954486?profile=RESIZE_400xBeautifully knitted and packed squares from Bev.
    12637954674?profile=RESIZE_400xAudrey believes it is always great to have a cuddle with a knitted toy.
    12637955059?profile=RESIZE_400xAren’t they cute!
    12637955073?profile=RESIZE_400xSuper to have Sheldon join us today thanks for all your help especially with the pics.
    12637954892?profile=RESIZE_400xA stunning blanket from Antoinette Nothling's team.

    And now for our Show & Tell. Hope you’re not getting bored with all the blankets, taking the photos makes it easier for The Blanket Room to access and post them and hopefully it helps our Kempton Park volunteers and Ronda.
    12637955666?profile=RESIZE_400x8 from Cathy Riley's shipment of squares…
    12637955876?profile=RESIZE_400xYour Purple Heart and owl Karla…loved working with them. I didn’t even like purple when I joined KAS 10 years ago…
    now I 💜💜💜💜it!
    12637958484?profile=RESIZE_400xThis gorgeous one arrived in the post from A Habberfield UK.
    12637957055?profile=RESIZE_400xCathy Riley's larger blocks.
    12637957252?profile=RESIZE_400xLoved opening a parcel from you again Karen….love your matching beanies.🙏🏻 
    Sorry about the lousy pic especially your vibrant lime.
    All the blankets will be posted in The Blanket Room soon!
    • Thank you folks.   I love seeing this part of the process.   Volunteers opening + sorting always look so happy.   Thanks especially for pointing mine out Estelle ⭐

  • This is from Ronda dated May 30...

    What a CHILLY start to the morning ❄️
    But we were soon discarding pullovers as the busy work started and we went from 😰 to 🥵 in no time !
    Wandi x 2 went off to Thembisa to distribute a large number of blankets - over 100 !
    12633199490?profile=RESIZE_400xOff we go … couldn’t leave the carrot cake behind.
    12633199659?profile=RESIZE_400xLittle darlings … just love seeing them wrapped up on a chilly day !
    12633199673?profile=RESIZE_400xLove donating these posters … the children love them and we have an endless supply.
    12633199694?profile=RESIZE_400xLoving the soft cuddly toys.
    A busy barn is a happy one … we have a GOOD pile of post right now, and as you will see from the pics, the pile hardly seemed to reduce despite the fact that Lindi, Viv and I got stuck in and opened parcels while the 2 Wandi’s were out and about !
    Parcels at the start of the day…
    12633200271?profile=RESIZE_400xParcels still to open at the end of the day.
    12633200657?profile=RESIZE_400xFrom Catherine … a friend of Val Z in France.
    12633200488?profile=RESIZE_400xGorgeous pile of 17 blankets received (PHEW ♥️) from Susanne L in Australia - at last.
    12633200690?profile=RESIZE_400xJust beautiful … worth waiting for, Susanne.
    12633201255?profile=RESIZE_400xThese beautiful squares from Bev J in Aus.
    12633201072?profile=RESIZE_400x… along with the most charming cuddly toys.
    12633201288?profile=RESIZE_400xWandi stitched these beautiful Amy squares together ! 
    12633201461?profile=RESIZE_400xTea break !!
    I will not be in the barn next Thursday 6th - taking a quick trip to Cape Town to visit the family.
    • Oh my!!!!   This newsy post is great.   Thanks for the photos and written coverage.   Getting over 100 blankets distributed is fantastic, made even better so for us to enjoy seeing the grateful children.    All that colour is a feast for the eyes.   Seeing so much mail has arrived for opening is great too - I must give Auntie Nellie a call to let her know so much is going on right now.... 

    • LOVE the top blanket of Susanne's!!.....and Amy's newly stitched blanket; the yellow/gold really makes the blanket pop!!

      A SUPER selection from Catherine!

      SO thrilled that the three parcels I sent in April/May have arrived. (Estelle has two of them)

      I would like to say it cleared up space on hubby's side of the bedroom, but then I went yarn and toy shopping and it looks as bad as before. laughing

      • How I lol'd Bev - this is always the case with me when I've packed a parcel or 2, it's like things multiply behind your back! 

  • From Estelle on May 21...

    Great excitement to unpack Cathy Riley's shipment from Liverpool. Once again 13 boxes arrived in excellent condition from BRITANNIA thank you Peter. There were Cath’s signature squares about 1750 plus her beautiful blankets, toys ,hand warmers and beanies, baby and prem babies clothes….and hundreds of squares collected from various church knitting circles. Many,many thanks from all of us at KNIT-A-SQUARE.
    12605720866?profile=RESIZE_400xBefore I started unpacking….
    12605751264?profile=RESIZE_400xAnd after…Elaine where on earth are you going to put that box?
    12605773855?profile=RESIZE_400xThe piles keep on growing and we still have unopened bags. Elaine, Estelle and Liz
    12605790273?profile=RESIZE_400xThanks for remembering Christmas Cath.
    12605773898?profile=RESIZE_400xThese were made by Cath’s friend Margaret Bloor who sadly passed away recently. Margaret has sent hundreds of sets of hand warmers to KNIT A SQUARE in Cath’s boxes over the years. Many thanks to Margaret’s daughter and family for delivering them in time for the shipment.
    It was lovely to have Ronda join us this morning and we even had time to chat. Needless to say there was no need for new post.
    12605823870?profile=RESIZE_400xElaine, Ronda and Liz
    12605804095?profile=RESIZE_400xSo pleased I remembered to get a pic of your visit, thanks for collecting all the bags.
    12605839459?profile=RESIZE_400xAll packed and ready to go to Kempton Park.
    Thanks ladies that was one productive day!
    We missed Audrey and Sheldon.
    Some of the blankets from today...you can find all of them in the Blanket Room soon.
    12605839498?profile=RESIZE_400xStocker my gardener was delighted to be ‘model of the day’ yesterday as I wanted to pack all the completed blankets for Kempton Park.
    This is from Cath…
    12605887268?profile=RESIZE_400xI was privileged to join these squares as this is Cath’s 800th blanket for KNIT-A - SQUARE.
    What an achievement - you are one amazing, generous lady Cathy Riley.
    12605926466?profile=RESIZE_400xGorgeous Tienie outdid herself knitting these beautiful squares.
    12605933461?profile=RESIZE_400xSquares from Antoinette’s team I do like Elaine’s 🩷 there.
    12605933498?profile=RESIZE_400xNow we’re on to Liz’s blankets. More beautiful squares from Tienie. Sadly this is the last bunny motive Liz had.
    12605950095?profile=RESIZE_400xFrom Audrey, anyone want to claim that cute little cate?
    • Oh my goodness what amazing photos to show your incredibly busy looking session.   There are some amazing colours and stitch ideas throughout all of the completed blankets.   You can see the love + dedication in bucketfuls.   Thank you I'm so humbled that you share so much with us, K xx ♥️✔️

  • The odd-sized squares with the pattern are mine!  I think it will all make sense if you lay the squares (and rectangles) out like the chart shows.  I hope this is better than just sending you my 9"x9" squares and my 7"x7" squares (which I made into 9"x9" squares by adding on to two sides).

    • Thank you for providing the chart and labeling everything.  

      In the past they always were able to complete my charts when I sent one.  Hoping we can see the completed project in The Blanket Room soon.

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