Happy New Year, fellow KASers!

I'm writing to tell you about a blog I started called Andrea Squared. I've made a public commitment to crochet one square a day for KAS. My goal is twofold: spread the word for KASCare and warm the children with enough squares for almost 11 blankets. I'm also going to be sending at least one hat per 35 squares and, whenever possible, KASCuddles and GO-Overs.

My introductory post can be found here.

My first week's post can be found here.

I may not be on the forum often but KAS is always on my mind. Feel free to follow my blog and share at will!

Love to all,

Andrea :o)

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  • We like our mettle!

    Andrea Squared

    A. :o)

    • Well, apparently, not too many Americans are winter folk lol. But I don't really care too much which country gets medals, just who tries the hardest :). But.....hopefully the Americans try the hardest :P

      Beautiful blankets btw :))

    • Andrea, the other half of my heritage has the same complex as the Canadians.  Slovenia currently has 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze, and this from a population of 2 million.

      The Michaels' blankets are turning out fantastically.  The squares look very well made. 

      • Go, Slovenia, go! That's an amazing accomplishment so far. :o)

  • Looking for an update?

    Andrea Squared

    A. :o)

    • Andrea, I've missed you and your blog.  Great blankets!  I love the way you mixed solid colours with 'other' squares.  I do hope you continue your sqaremaking for KAS. 

      • Great to see you 'sharing the love' even further..... and your wonderful skills, Andrea. Great blanket btw.  :))

    • Very good! I can see what you mean about organizing the squares. It must be difficult to arrange them so that all te colors aren't inched together. Glad to see you're still working with squares even if its not for KAS. I've heard of WUA, but I haven't helped them yet.
  • And so, the end…

    Andrea Squared – Week 52

    A. :o)

    • I will miss your writings, as I have looked forward to them every week all year.  They were informative, fun, and left me feeling good about people and the world, for the most part.  You led me to seek out more information on some people and subjects, which was a great learning experience for me, and you made me feel closer to you and your world.  You are an amazing lady, my dear, and I will miss the regularity of your weekly updates.  It has been so enjoyable.  Can't wait to hear of your future endeavors, as I am sure you and your happy family will be up to something in no time.  

      The new year is beginning rather excitingly for me, too.  I will be picking up all and moving to Nashville, TN, from Knoxville, in a week!  I accepted a position doing what I love to do, and do well, but it will mean a big move.  Here I thought my life was almost done, and I find myself just beginning again!  Life is a fascinating adventure, and I am so glad you have shared yours with us last year!  Love to you and your family!

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