By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea

You and me, you and me, oh how happy we’ll be!


I am thrilled an honored to be leading my first challenge this month! It is no coincidence that I asked to host the Sea, Seashore & Shells challenge. For me there is nothing more peaceful and rejuvenating than being at the seashore. The sound of the waves, the smell of the salt water, the call of the seagulls, the warmth of the sand, it is simply my most favorite place in the world!


So what does the seashore evoke for you? The choices for squares are limitless!

Boats, lighthouses, sunrise and sunset over the water, beach balls and sand toys, kites, colored fish, sharks, whales, birds and more.

Please don't feel that you have to be an expert knitter or crocheter to show your squares here. Winter is on it's way to South Africa and the children need as many squares as we can send! Every challenge is just a fun way to keep our creative juices flowing. Best of all, all colors are found at the seashore, so any color Plane Jane will be perfect for this challenge!

Whatever sparks your creativity, please post photos of your squares here and on the photo page.

Mary Kristel Lokken and Gitta Seyfert are helping us record this challenge in two photo albums, Mary on Flickr

And Gitta here on the forum

Many thanks Mary and Gitta!!

Just a reminder:  Please securely butterfly  a 20”/50 cm tail to each square, to help the sewers in South Africa.

I would love to know if you recognize the song I quoted. My mother used to sing it. Apparently it was written in 1914 and made into a Broadway play in 1954. This verse is the only one I know!

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  • 2965145682?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Please add pic to the album.

  • April 2013 Challenge - Sea, Seashore and Shells

    Polar Bear

  • 2965043430?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

    6 chunky squares in sea blue/greens.

  • Finally, finally, (since I don't want this to end!), I have chosen two names at random to recieve my little knitting tools gift! For a reminder, see page 28 of this thread.:)

    I'm terrible at these kind of things. I would like to be able to send you all a gift!

    The two names are:






    Congratulations to you both!!


    Please send me a message here on the forum or to my email :  and we'll work out the details!


  • And now, my dear KAS friends, I must thank all of you!

    To those of you who posted squares during the challenge, thank you for sharing the work of your talented hands with the orphans of South Africa!


    To those of you knitting and crocheting at home, thank you! Every square is important to the children. If you have been too shy to post photos of your squares, please don't be! We need everyone and we would love to see your work!


    Gitta is generously leading the May challenge and it is perfect for you shy (and not shy)  members out there: In Celebration of the Variegated Square. We hope to see many new faces in May!


    Finally, THANK YOU, to all of you who have commented this month! KASers make up the kindest, friendliest group of people I know. I am so proud to be a part of Knit-a-Square! This is my version of my favorite wild beach rose, my thank you to all of you!



  • Well, here we are at the end of another challenge. It has been an absolutely wonderful experience for me. Your creativity and generosity are without mesure!


    I must first thank our curators, Mary and Gitta, for their tireless work in creating our beautiful photos galleries!

    Mary on Flickr and Gitta here on the forum.

    Heartfelt thanks to both of you!!




    This fun and easy heart pattern is from Christine Johnson and can be found in the KAS pattern book!

  • Oooooh, so many beautiful squares to sea (not a mis-spelling, just a bad pun) after only a day or two away.   I love the little beach huts, and especially the All Welcome sign, the many colors of sea and shore, darling fishies swimming to the sea fans, an amazing starfish and the best dressed penguin in the sea.  Each one so beautiful and thoughtful that it is hard to find the words -- just happy smiling face.

    I have a couple more pictures to add:  Sand-Sea-Shell,  Seafloor with Anchor & Shell, and a Final Wave Goodbye (oh, no, another pun)






  • Aquamarine sea and sand from Joan. These are lovely. You have been busy, Joan!


  • Sea and beach from Joan. I just love the colors of the sea yarn!


  • And these lovely turquoise sea, which I would also call calming waters. Just beautiful Joan!


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