The April 2013 Square Heart Award goes to:

Valerie Zalewski of Saint Vaury, Creuse, France

Valerie joined KAS just this past June 2012, and has already distinguished herself in many areas, especially at her efforts with

“Spreading the Word in My Corner of France.”

In her postings she describes her efforts to find new contributors to KAS in her area. It’s not always easy, but Valerie forges ahead, and is making progress! She has participated in a Christmas Craft Fair, had a radio interview,  was interviewed for an article in the local expat paper “Creuse News”, and spoke at the local Anglo-French association, l'Entente Cordiale. Through these activities she has found new people interested in helping KAS, and I am sure she will find more!

As she says, “I sometimes feel I'm becoming obsessional about KAS, but I really think that it is necessary that I do everything I can to bring more people to make squares and things.” 




Valerie makes many beautiful and colorful creations for the children in South Africa.

These items include squares, cuddles and hats.





You can see photos of her creations here:

Valerie is translating the KAS patterns and other information into the French language – a huge job for which KAS is very thankful.

She is also an active participant in the forum, encouraging and complimenting other members.

Thank you so much, Valerie, for everything you have done and continue to do for KAS!

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  • Bravo Valerie ! Well deserved !
  • A belated congratulations Valerie! This is well deserved :)

  • You're all so lovely and your comments make me feel warm all over. One of my secret desires has always been to have someone throw a surprise party for my birthday. But this award and the way I found out is even better. And, as I said before, we're all great big square hearts.

    • Valerie, I'm so glad you found out about your award, and I think the way it happened is just great! What fun to have your friends point it out to you!

      xoxoxo !!!

    • Congratulations Valerie !!  We really appreciate all you do for KAS. What a fun way to find out you had won the award!

  • You must all think that I'm terribly ungrateful, but I really had no idea about this. I have just this moment come back from my weekly session with the Entente Cordiale knitters and crocheters. When I walked in Gill, the organiser, said "Someone's in the news  today" and handed me a print out of the news of the April Square Heart Award recipient. I was flabbergasted and extremely touched. I've never won an award in my life, and I feel that being chosen for the Square Heart Award is the best thing I can imagine and something that really moves me deeply. I love belonging to the KAS community because of what it has taught me and because of the contact I have with all the fantastic members. We, all of us, are Square Heart awardees because of the time and love we try to give these children. we don't know them and will never know them individually, but we want to love and cherish them and give them some dignity. A gigantic hug to you all.

    P.S. My very supportive husband says that I really must change my profile photo. There's nothing like being brought back to Earth!!

    • I am so glad that you finally found out about your award, Valerie! I was actually a little worried when we didn't hear from you. What a wonderful story this makes, though. Far from seeming ungrateful, it shows how modest you are. Again, congratulations for this very well deserved award!

    • Aren't husbands the sweetest....where would we be without them??!!!!

      Glad you found out about this award (you are sooo deserving) before the month had slipped by.  :))

    • Valerie, this is a hoot!  We all knew as soon as the KAS Snippets came out.  Thank you for being so focused. 

    • So glad someone let you know :-)  You definitely deserve the award !

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