April already?????? Unbelievable!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone!!
Its time to create squares with my favourite kind of yarn....yes, the good ol' (fabulously mysterious) VARIEGATED!!
What was that?..... A yawn?..... A ho-hum?..... No way!!! 
I know it hasn't been very long since our last variegated theme....
So, just in case you ARE bored already......
I thought perhaps I could persuade you to join me in a little 'challenge' within this theme. 
I have been saving my coins....and....
this is where you come in, KASfriends.....
I will contribute to KAS, $1 for every four VARIEGATED squares posted here this month....
To the total value of $160
These squares don't have to be completely variegated; they can have a little or a lot of variegated yarn in (or on) them.
No variegated in your stash??...you don't get out of it that easy...hee hee.
You could create your own....two different colours knitted/crocheted together.  :))
C'mon, all you wonderful people...MAKE ME PAY!!! ......
On arrival in South Africa, our variegated squares  need a place to live while they are sorted, sewn together and then distributed to 'our' children, so the money raised will go towards funding for the much needed rental space for  KAS...
Our lovely volunteers in South Africa  need sufficient space to operate efficiently. My dear KASfriends, the final reading on our  thermometer!!
Woo Hoo!!! You guys are truly AMAZING!!!!!!!
For inspiration, here are some lovely squares from our members:
  MAY 2013 CHALLENGE - black mulit variegated      3 diagonals    My first photo!  September 2014 Challenge - Colourful variegated  September - Tunisian Crochet  Ruby-Variegated Diagonal Square  Variegated Butterfly - September Challenge 2014   Granny Diagonal
Hello, September!   050820141475   Sept 5  September 2014 Challenge - A Very Variegated Month
May  MAY CHALLENGE-Variegated        Very variegated butterfly Sep 14
With a HUGE thanks to Anne, we have a Pinterest page, which can be viewed here:

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  • Sorry about this late entry Bev. The square was finished well before the end of April, but got hidden under a whole load of squares that I'm upsizing. I thoroughly enjoyed this month's theme as the contributions were just fantastic and so varied. Thank you for being such a good hostess.


  • 16 variegated squares to add to April's total.2965264855?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • 2930295046?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Bev, You have done a wonderful job this month, as always.   So much inspiration on these pages that it just makes my head spin!

    Here is my (late) final collection for the month.   I started with a BIG ball of variegated yarn and a BIG ball of coordinating solid.  My idea was to make 35 squares with these two yarns, each a bit different.   Eventually I needed to add in other solid colors, and finally I ran out of variegated, so the last few squares aren't quite fitting for the theme, but they coordinate with the other squares in the blanket, I hope.

    My husband is sponsoring my squares this month, so now it is time for me to go spend his money on rent.

  • 2886761575?profile=originalIt's still April in my part of the world so here is my last submission. The pink and blue ball seemed to have no end but it's gone now. Here are four more of those and five in rust tones.

  • Posting the last batch of squares from Sharon Harris and the students of Cobequid Educational Centre.

    Thank you all !!!  We have enjoyed seeing your skills grow and all the wonderful squares that you have created for the children that need our help.  :))

    This note from Sharon: This is our last batch of variegated squares! 16 more from variegated yarns or with variegated stripes. Thank you for an Excellent theme for April!

    Cobequid Educational Centre student knitting

  • Pink, pink and more pink.....YAY!!!! Some gorgeous squares and handwarmers from Susanne Leverton.

    April theme. 5squares and 2 handwarmers

    Handwarmers and 1 square knitted in Kuala Lumpur Airport during 18 hour transit stop. Rest oof squares since arrival here in Cambodia

  • 2886761681?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Here's my last fling for you, Bev! I've finished my blanket but have used up some odds and ends, and some weird donated scarf yarn to make another 5 for you. 

    Thanks a lot for such a great challenge and for your generosity xxxxxxxx

  • April 2015 - A Variegated theme...with a twist

    The last six squares for this month, from my sister, Ros. Stunners, Ros!! xx

  • Bright and beautiful squares and cute toys for the children, from Hazel Locke. Thank you, Hazel....adding 6 to our tally.  :))


    I recently got this yarn from mariner and I love the colours trying some knitted squares.but always go back to the grannies.

    • Sharon Fennell is another KASer who has been VERY busy. Just take a Captain Cook (that's Aussie rhyming slang for 'look') at this beautiful blanket of squares.....LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!

      Variegated blanket

      Just finished before the end of the month

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