Dear Kas members, this situation is so frustrating. I've tried to send parcels to South Africa since May, but due to Covid resrictions it is not possible to send anything from Italy to Sout Africa. Is anybody in the forum facing same difficulties?

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  • Paola

    I could not send from the UK for a while.  If you have room where you live, keep the parcel ready to send off when the post does start up again.

    I am afraid that both UK and Italy have had a bad time with Covid-19.  I am sure that at some stage we will be able to get our parcels safely out to South Africa.

  • Hi!

    We sent from Croatia few month ago.

    It did not come back, but until now I don't have any information if the parcel arrived at KAS.

    Where can I find this out?

    • Hi Aldina, I noticed that parcels arrived from Croatia. Please see

      Maybe you can spot one of your blankets/squares on the photos. 

      Normally I publish Squares Lists on a monthly basis, but due to Covid-19 this activity has been delayed. The Squares Lists  normaly are to find here:

      For 2021 I will make a new discussion page with Squares Lists.

      Hope to have been of help.

      Mili, thank you so much for your reply to Paola and Aldina.

      We all keep the good spirit up!

      • Dear Anneke!

        I did not find our blankets until now, but you explained me how to find it in the future. However, I noticed from the post that everything was OK so it really does not matter when will we eventually see the pictures. 

        For this year we are already preparing new blankets.

        Thank you for all!

        God bless you all for your work!


    • Hi Aldina,

      Yesterday was the first opening day of the year for the KAS barn, (every Tuesday).  Many parcels were opened, however many remain to be opened, some of them from Croatia.  I suggest that you wait until next Tuesday and scan the Barn 2021 pictures for your work.  In 10 years of sending parcels, I've never 'lost' one.  Keep your spirits up and stay safe. 

      • Thank you very much.

        We are preparing a new parcel for spring. 

        I am looking forward to see the wanderful blankets made by all wanderful women around the world.

  • Paola, I am sending from Slovenia, since late September and again this week.  Every time they check at the post office to see if they can accept my parcel.  September post took two months to arrive instead of two weeks. 

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