What are your favourite things for our children?

Squares? Toys? Hats? Handwarmers?

Do you have a favourite -

Pattern? Stitch?


We'd love to see your favourite things !

One of my favourite patterns: 

 Wheel Spoke

**Apologies to Julie Andrews.  Here is her version from the Sound of Music:  “My Favourite Things”   


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  • I am not a huge fan of making toys and puppets because the faces cause me problems.  However, I could not resist this!


    • Wow! He's a cutie!! I am not much for making toys, either....the sewing up, the stuffing, (how much is too much?!....lol).....and the dreaded facial features!!

    • What a cute puppet! The children will love it.  

  • OK so I am hugely late with my August items.  Apologies, it has been a rough few weeks and I over extended myself.  

    I have a couple more somewhere but I do not know where at the moment!

    2886823698?profile=RESIZE_320x320Made by working in two different directions - I love squares like this!


    I really like stripes - and this one I liked the rhythm of the way the stripes went thicker and thinner.

    2886823861?profile=RESIZE_320x320 I like doing Plain Janes whilst watching films at the cinema - this one was Antman and the Wasp.

    2886823621?profile=RESIZE_320x320If I have a variegated yarn, I like to do diagonals or even mitred squares.  

    • Yum, yum, yum!!!! I LOVE the variegated yarn in your diagonal square, Rebecca. Gorgeous stripes!!

      Your multi-directional square....do you have a pattern for it by any chance, pretty please???? I have only seen a pattern for it in a scarf and I couldn't make head nor tail of it.  :((

      • Thank you for your kind comment.  I have just about got it right, so I can send it to you when I have managed to perfect the second half...... and got it typed up!!

    • Not a problem Rebecca.  Anytime is a good time to add to a theme.  You've been busy organizing the 10th Anniversay party for KAS so I'm surprised you had time to knit (silly me, of course we always have time to knit/crotchet for our children lol)

      These are lovely squares, I especially like the bumblebee square.

  • Knitting a hat and hand-warmers set has been my favorite thing to knit lately. I play around with colors and stitches I like to make a simple hat&hand-warmers to keep one more child warm . I have knitted patterns and used tips I learned from Christine Johnson and Kathy Chantrell as well used a pattern Lesley shared with me once.Wendy's and Rachel's beanies are inspiring as well as the work of all KasSisters. Thank you, Ladies!! 
    This is a new hat (hand-warmers coming up soon) I just finished last night,  "September 3rd". 
    • Beanie and hand warmers set completed, finally !! 


      • I loved the hat. Now add the hand warmers and it makes a gorgeous set for a child!  Thanks so much Diana.  Never too late to add to a theme:-)

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