This August we are going to Explore and Discover

the world around us. 


Children learn to read, write and use math

to better discover the world around them. 

They learn to paint and identify animals by

using colors and pictures. 

Let your imagination run wild as you

Explore and Discover

what you can create with yarn for our children.

Black will be the COM.

Black is one of the colors found the the flag of South Africa.

Black makes other colors *POP*.

We learn using BLACKboards.

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  • GREAT intro, Amy!!

    Did you crochet that GORGEOUS 'map of the world'?

    • I spy you cute little bees, Bev.  Flamingo yours, too?

      • Thanks, Amy...yes it is.   :))

    • The world is an incredible Marion Davies creation from 2017...alphabet blanket is from Sharon B.  

      Wish I had the pattern for the world map...would never have the patience for the alphabet blanket.  Guess that is why they call it inspiration.

This reply was deleted.