• Just caught up on this year's photos - what a vibrant collection! Absolutely beautiful - well done to all the creators and joiners! 

  • Ronda still has not found the cable that links her camera to her computer so she can supply Christine with pics for the 2017 Blanket Room - the workman at her house are still there disrupting everything, as workman do! Peter wants her to get another cable, which probably means the old one will instantly manifest itself again! However, here are two pics Ronda posted on Facebook taken with her telephone of the parcels awaiting collection at Bryanston PO! Ronda has put out an appeal asking for anyone in the vicinity to come help load the KAS van!!!



    • Looking at the way one of those parcels is sealed up over and over with brown parcel tape, I have to wonder if it is one of mine...... :p  I am always so worried my parcels will split open in the post!

      • Having said that I would be posting photos shortly there has now been another delay - water came through my office ceiling and my computer screen has stopped working, at least for the present time. I have a laptop but there is no suitable software on it to process pictures so I can do nothing for a day or two until either a) techie help arrives or b) an old screen currently in the loft is connected or c) a new screen is obtained. I'm just guessing that the computer itself is okay because the light is still on. Hopefully be back soon!

        • Oh Christine. I'm so sorry for your problems. When I was still a worrking girl, I remember the horrors of computer problems.

          • How unfortunate for you, Christine. I hope it 'all comes right' at little or no cost for you.......and rest assured we will wait very patiently for an update. :))

            • Finally got 2017 started - dozens of January and February photos to be posted. See you there ..

        • Christine, I'm so sorry to hear this :(   Here's hoping your 'fix' is an easy one!  In the meantime, don't stress about the photos.  We'll all be here when you can get to them :) xo

    • I wish Ronda and her team a lot of energy to cope with the extra work that the flooding has caused them.

      What a pity we can't all come over and help. I've put off sending my parcels for a while to give them a chance to get over the backlog.

    • So wish I could fly over and help...with my cable, too. Good luck!

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