in Orlando East by Nani

helped by Joel

[Unfortunately about half way through the day the camera became a little 'unjusted' and the pics are not our usual standard, but still worth seeing!]


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  • Just brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for the photos.
  • The darling children. Thank you.

  • What lovely little ones. Some of them seem overwhelmed by all the action.

  • Looking at the faces of the children makes my heart melt. It must be a wonderful feeling for the volunteers to wrap a blanket around a child and see their little faces light up. I am filled with envy. Yes, Diana, I do believe I see some if my handwarmers. :)
    • Were the pink/purple ones yours, Joan?.....I am sure I've seen them before, elsewhere.

      • Yes I'm sure they are Bev and the other light/dark pink ones :).
  • Great pics.  :)) Think I spied an 'Amy bunny'.

    • Great eyes Bev.  That is one of my big bunnies.  My latest ones are about 6 inches shorter.

    • Beautiful and warm children. I saw the bunny also. And some of Joan's colorful hand warmers, maybe? Thanks Pam.
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