Bringing colour and comfort to 91 more vulnerable children; Botshabelo Community Development Programme.

On July 31, Athele was finally able to make this distribution planned for earlier in the year.

She writes on Facebook:

More of the 91 darling children of the impoverished Botshabelo Community in Magaliesberg, warmed by the loving hands of all those who labour so that KnitASquare can bring colour, warmth and comfort to the vulnerable children of South Africa. Some real masterpieces in here.

Please enjoy the photos and let us know if you see some of your work, or the work of someone you know.

Athele's Video

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    • Cheers for these insightful photographs.   They're smashing + really remind us of what a difference we can make to the lives of these children. ❤️

    • So many lovely blankets. Love the one with all the tiny granny squares, so colourful. I also really like the one done all in pastel colour stripes.

      • Lots of incredible blankets... the distributions may have slowed down but the quality is high!

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  • More photos from Athele from August 11.

    Hope you enjoy all the bright colours and heartwarming moments in this last set of pics of the individual children and their blankets, from Estelle McLeod and my distribution for KnitASquare to the Botshabelo Community Development Trust in Magaliesberg. On 11th August we managed to give another 72 children care items of warm blankets, cuddly toys, beanies And handwarmers just in We’re looking forward to going out there again sometime in September to make sure that every one of the 200 or so vulnerable children of this impoverished community get the same loving care from KnitASquare. Thanks a span to Nicole Cloete and her wonderful crew for making this outreach possible and for all you do to keep this delightful community happy and cared for. You’re the real heroes.


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