• Fantastic - I just love seeing all that colourful wool and the happy faces of the children.    I also see a lot of my Mum's teddies with their new owners, which has made my day.  It will be the first thing I tell my Mum when I see her.

    • It is always lovely when supporters spot their contributions Karen, especially the 'cuddlies' as they mean so much to the children. Look out, for more in upcoming reports - Ronda has been given guidance on how to download the photos from the mobile phones en masse - I received 20+ emails a couple of days ago from her, most with attachments! Your Mum should be proud of herself, and, know for sure that her teddies are bringing such joy!

      • Glad you spotted your Mum's teddies, Karen. Soooo good when someone recognizes some 'familiar love'.

  • Look at all those amazing toys.  Thanks everyone!

  • Lovely to see the distribution photos. The little one in the blue top clutching a yellow teddy- no one is taking that teddy from him! That's his.

    • Absolutely Marion, he is holding it tightly in at least two pics!

  • As always, it's a pleasure to see all the cheery warmth wrapped around the children as they clutch their 'new best friend', aka toy.....especially love seeing the handmade special !!

    • Lovely, lovely photos all the children look snuggled in colourful warmth.

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