I’m delighted to have been asked by the Mods to host this month’s theme.  This is the month when we relax and have fun using up all those little bits and pieces of yarn that we’ve been saving all year.  After all, if you have some of this:

You can make some of these:

or these:

or these:

or even some of these:

December can be an expensive month so, instead of spending your pennies, cents, nickels and dimes on new yarn, why not have a trawl through cupboards and closets, drawers and attics (have I missed any hiding places??) for all those little odds and ends that you’ve been keeping ‘just in case’?  By the end of the month,  you’ll feel so virtuous and the children will love the myriad of colours. Just think of all the space you’ll make and money you’ll save …………. just in time to go yarn shopping in the January sales!  Let’s do some stash-busting for the children and



The album for this month's theme can be found here: http://forum.knit-a-square.com/photo/albums/december-2016-theme-bits-bobs

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  • Oh my goodness!  I only turned my back for a day or two and suddenly some truly gorgeous blankets have appeared as if by magic!  Beautiful work ladies - a terrific way to end this theme and the year.

    • Loving the colours, loving those block stitch squares, Louise......it's a beauty!!!!!!!!

  • At last I've finished my block stitch squares blanket. It's been a labour of love......now onto toys!  :))


    • What a lovely colourful blanket.

    • Gorgeous vibrant blanket Louise. :)

    • Louise, this is a gorgous blanket!  The block stitch squares will make it extra warm and cozy.  xo

    • Beautiful - what a great blanket.

    • The blanket is fabulous! The colours are so vibrant.

  • I am late finishing , but was determined to get 35 bits and bobs squares completed. Thank you Elaine for hosting a great theme.Now onto toys :))2930343541?profile=RESIZE_480x4802930343486?profile=RESIZE_480x480

    • Well done Sharon. :)

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