Courtney Green, an associate of Athele's, was involved with a food distribution in Fleurhof, West Rand on July 9.  She shared these photos on comments on Facebook.

This distribution did take place in June, but these are new photos.

These pictures explain a lot.  Not only did we get to feed all the mothers and children of an informal settlement in Fleurhof, but Athele Oosterbroek  and her wonderful crew of knitters from Knit a Square donated blankets, beanies and toys to each one of the 38 kids there - wow! Thank you to Comsol Networks for the financial contribution for all the food parcels, and to my trusty steed Percy Shongwe on the ground who helped facilitate it all. Special thanks as well to JMPD who made sure we remained safe. All angel people according to me! I’m so grateful to each and every one of you for helping make this happen.

Courtney, thank you for these incredible photos and your tender care of feeding and warming these children and families.

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  • Wonderful photographs. It's good to see that this contribution means a lot for the children in their pour conditions. So much smiling faces!! And I spot a few of "my" izzydolls in the hand of a child. Very nice to see also.

  • Here are more pictures that are black and white.  Very moving, they show not only the blankets, but living conditions.


    • Fabulous photographs, thank you for sharing X

  • This is such wonderful news - and the looks on some of the children's faces are priceless....... Thank God they will be warmer now and have something to eat as well.

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    • Some lovely blankets and such sweet children. Good to see some blankets can still be distributed where they are most needed.

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