• I am so humbled but also delighted that two of my blankets were given to these very special children.

  • The last distribution for 2021 was through Rainbows and Smiles made on December 15..

    Here is more information and photos from Estelle:

    One of our last distributions of 2021 was organized by Sue Ledford Bowen with Bonni of Rainbows and Smiles.
    Rainbows and Smiles is a community based charitable foundation dedicated to providing emotional, social and financial support to children diagnosed with cancer or a life- threatening illness, their families and their caregivers.
    Sue and I collected 31 blankets and soft toys for these children. Each blanket and toy had to be washed, sanitized and vacuum packed for the children to open.
    Obviously we cannot share all the photographs of the children with their blankets but I will post as many as I can and hopefully you’ll recognize some of your amazing work.
    Stunning blanket made by Liz Gyldenhuis’s friend.
    10000817660?profile=RESIZE_710x10000818296?profile=RESIZE_710xSquares provided by Cathy Riley.
    Panels made by Ada Breeuer and Amy Pettigrew
    10000820672?profile=RESIZE_710xWonderful blanket by Sandra Jones
    10000821659?profile=RESIZE_710xEllies by Sandra Jones.
    10000822065?profile=RESIZE_710xSquares from Clear Lake United Methodist Church.
    10000822861?profile=RESIZE_710x  Cathy Riley and Heather Regenass's blankets.
    • A very special distribution indeed, it’s heartbreaking to see these children. As Wendy said, I hope it brings them some comfort.

    • The foto's speek for itself. We see what we do it all for. Blankets are so very, very much welcome!

    • Poor sweet children, cancer is such a scourge, children should not have to go through this. I wish them all a recovery. Hopefully the blankets and toys can bring them some comfort during their treatment.

  • Mabel was involved in a workshop for children on 13th November in Soweto.  She was given 315 squares ( 9 blankets), sewing equipment, wool scraps etc.
    It seems the children loved their time of learning to sew the squares together and Mabel was delighted.
    • Thank you, Mabel, for teaching the children.   I have spotted some of my squares.

    • What a fantastic idea!  Mabel must have a lot of patience and perseverance.  God bless her!

    • Fantastic!  What a great idea!

    • Oh this is so wholesome,  thank you X

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