• Here are the last of Athele's photos from the Lion Park Informal Settlement distribution on June 24.

    Hoping to bring some good cheer and bright colours into your world, after the dark week we went through and the outfall of which we South Africans are still dealing with. Here’s the rest of the 70 kiddies Estelle McLeod and I managed to get to before hard lockdown, then the looting chaos broke all opportunities to reach the most vulnerable children in our community. It’s a drop in a desperate ocean, but the KnitASquare community are glad these exceptionally vulnerable children have these comfort items during this particularly freezing highveld winter. Editing the pics I couldn’t help feel sad all over again at how many are in rags, summer ones at that and without shoes. Us adults were all in winter warmers.


    From Sharon B.


    From the Misfits - Melanue


    Another Misfit blanket


    These blankets are from Sweetie.


    Another Misfit winner.


    This blanket is from Nellie and Centurion


    Blanket may by Lyn of the Misfits.

    9297991901?profile=RESIZE_710xSquares sewn together by Des Friend.

    9297993288?profile=RESIZE_710xBlanket by Heather of the Misfits.

    9297994066?profile=RESIZE_710xBlanket by Jennifer Nesbit.


    Blanket from Croatia, made by Ana Grdan.

    • 9297996478?profile=RESIZE_710xBlanket by Neda Branovic, in Croatia.

      9297998057?profile=RESIZE_710x9297998272?profile=RESIZE_710x9297998873?profile=RESIZE_710xTerry Tee donated her childhood Teddy, and this young man is delighted to have a new snuggly toy.

      9298000279?profile=RESIZE_710xSquares from Mili Kus and Heather Regenass.

      9298002463?profile=RESIZE_710xBlanket by Des Friend.

      9298003078?profile=RESIZE_710xEgy from the Misfits made this blanket.

      9298003491?profile=RESIZE_710xSome of the squares in this blanket are from Jayne Clifford.

      9298003868?profile=RESIZE_710xMarion Davies' wonder opposite owl squares.

      9298004269?profile=RESIZE_710xEstelle sewed this blanket together, more squares from Marion Davies.


      • Thank you Athele for all the individual mentions of our work.  Each one of us is doing our bit to help make these distributions happen.  And we are so, so happy to have so many enthusiastic volunteers on the ground in SA.  We hope and pray that peace and calm will reign again.

      • Makes me sad to see that these children have no shoes or warm clothes. At least now they will be able to wrap themselves in their blankets both day and night if needed. Makes me realise just how much I have by comparison even though I am definitely not wealthy.

  • Athele and Estelle, once again visited Lion Park Informal Settlement on June 24.  Here are photos and information from our last distribution for the second quarter of 2021.

    Here’s a few more of the 70 vulnerable children of Lion Park (Thabo Mbeki) to whom Estelle McLeod and I gave blankets and other care items from the worldwide KnitASquare community last Thursday. Thank goodness we went when we did. No chance now due to the new Level 4 Lockdown requirements.

    Good morning Mashudu (that’s my village name )

    Hope you are well after the hard work you did ladies for Thabo Mbeki children,I really appreciate that on behalf of Malizzy and Thabo Mbeki community I thank you so much for keeping them warm you are really a blessing in our community may mighty God protect you ladies for every one that you are helping safe from this panda medic Corona virus be safe and protected in the name of mighty God.

    May mighty God keep blessing you.

    Lots of love hugs and kisses.

    I may thank you.



    This doll is named Ronda and made by Bozica Balenovic Duracic in Croatia.

    The blanket squares are from Cathy Riley and sewn together by Estelle.


    Blanket from our contributors in Croatia


    Our Not So Square team made this wonderful blanket.  Botswana block came from the USA.


    A marvelous blanket by Chris Chiplen made for our Garden's Delight Theme

    9191047669?profile=RESIZE_710xAnne Connor squares


    Heather Mensah's fabulous blanket


    Another C2C blanket by Patricia Underwood


    Car panel from Karla Bystrianska

    • Even more photos...

      9191068259?profile=RESIZE_710x9191068099?profile=RESIZE_710xFrom Mili Kus


      From Athele...

      Every time I look at the little vignette of images I snapped of this big sister caring for her baby sibling, my heart breaks just a little again. How I wish KnitASquare had had enough blankets on the day so we could have given her one too. Just have to keep being grateful that we could at least give what we gave by the amazing grace of our amazing contributors from more than 70 countries around the world. Thank you so so much for all your support that made it possible for us to give to more than 140 children this winter in this desperate community on the far outskirts of Jozi. Keep the squares and all the other invaluable support coming please and thank you.


      • Thank you for featuring my lime green/yellow blanket at the start of this discussion.  It is a dual effort from Mili and Mira from the shores of the Adriatic Sea.

        • I recognised several blankets from the blanket room  ! we can see how you try and get them out to desperate recipients.

      • More photos from Athele from this Lion Park Informal Settlement distribution on June 24.

        17 more of the 70 very vulnerable children of the ‘Lion Park’ settlement on the outskirts of Jozi Estelle McLeod and I were so glad to get to, by the grace of the worldwide KnitASquare community of caring, Just before this third wave grabbed Jozi by the throttle! Alarming how many had no or next to no shoes and tattered summer clothing on a day we were in warm sweaters. This group of pics is of most of the bigger children we focused on, at first, this time as they were the last to be given last time we were there.


        Please remember that it is winter time and this little one has no shoes or bottoms on.  Nighttime temperatures have been in the single digits. (C)

        9201567094?profile=RESIZE_710xSquares from Elaine Joubert, sewn together by Estelle.

        9201572278?profile=RESIZE_710x9201573494?profile=RESIZE_710xBlanket sewn together by Estelle.


        • Thank you - bless these darling children who can feel a little warmer and cosier after this visit.   Breaks my heart ♥️

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