I wanted to update people and perhaps share some ideas about how a small group of knitters can make a big difference.  After our teacosy extravaganza where we made over $300 for postage we are now branching out into scarves and hotwater bottle cases to sell.  BUT on a huge note one of our group (a friend of a friend) has managed to obtain from us several big bags of gorgeous new wool in an assortment of colours for free.  The fashion store Peter Alexander that makes top end PJs and leisurewear had a window display for winter in its city store, and part of it was zillions of balls of wool - anyway our little Gumnut who manages another store asked if she could have them and they have given them to us for free to make into squares. Sooo the best knitters of the group will be making them up, taking photos and we will write to the head-office of Peter Alexander to thank them and get some PR happening.  cool huh!

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  • Just an update from my previous good news story - - - we have now received the wool from the Peter Alexander store display window and there were 300 balls of wool in total.  We have distributed a large portion of them to our most prolific knitters as a special project which after they have all been knitted up we will be sending in bulk

    • It must have felt like Christmas morning, sorting through their generous donation.

  • How generous! Thank you, Peter Alexander. And kudos to the brave gal who asked.

  • What a wonderful donation!!  Kudos to the Peter Alexander store!  Sonja, can't wait to see pictures.

  • It is so rewarding that we can go from strength to strength and all the support we get goes directly into getting blankets out to the little ones.  we do have some savvy girls in our group who think as well as knit!  im still over the moon with that donation.  I would never have thought to ask but im glad a little rogue gumnut did!

    • This is definitely one of the best examples of that old adage (or gumnut) "If you don't ask, you don't get!"

  • Well done you pioneering Gumnuts - to snaffle a window display of yarn was brilliant! Lovely also to hear of a business like Peter Alexander being so generous.

    Any pics available?

  • What an amazing story. Someone is looking out for your group and for KAS. You must be delighted !

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