We loved the way this particular morning’s work quite unexpectedly turned into one of our most special distributions !!


As it is Joel who has introduced us to the Eikenhof informal settlement, he conveniently collected Lindi and Wandi from Chiawelo and brought them across Soweto to meet me and the loaded KASvan just off the N1 Freeway ! 

Joel is what my father would have termed a “Sunday afternoon driver” ! He bumbles along at a snail’s pace !  But we got there in the end.


Eikenhof is a forgotten area ... reminiscent of Thembalihle and Bushkoppies, but seemingly with even less being done to help the people.  The roads are virtually non-existent.  I tried to take some photographs but it’s just not possible to give the true impression of quite how rustic and this area is ... I am always prompted to deep gratitude for the KASvan at such times.

We arrived at Rosie’s crèche first  and only then discovered that I had left in the office the vital piece of paper listing the other 5 or 6 creches we were to visit that morning !  This could potentially have been a problem as it would have been difficult to FIND everyone in the chaotic streets of Eikenhof … but in true African style, with warmth and patience, ALL the five other crèche owners (unable to contain their excitement) popped their little charges into wheelbarrows and other strange modes of transport, or simply walked … coming along to meet us at Rosie’s


How amazingly considerate of them, we thought and said to all of them !!!   A  bunch of wheelbarrow kids … too sweet for words. 

There were more colds and runny noses in that one place that morning than I believe we had ever witnessed before ... we have censored some of the worst pics for you !


Here is a list of the creches who received blankets, beanies, jerseys, soft toys, handwarmers and apples


ROSIE from RK (Rosie's) – our “host” creche

Mum FREDA and her group in the first wheelbarrow

PAULINA from Cathula

MANTWA from Amazing Grace

Elderly DORA with her group - they came in the little yellow van which disappeared after dropping them, so we were not sure how they were getting back to their own place – but they left before I thought to pop them into the van, sadly !

PAKAMA with her kids - the second wheelbarrow group !

A N Other whose name was not on the list, but we had plenty to go around !!

After Wandi's encouraging “KAS talk” one of the women started singing and a few seconds later we heard Joel harmonising in the background ! 

From that point we all started to sing along without knowing any of the tunes or words … a noisy, impromptu celebration of the joy and “togetherness” that Knit-a-Square brings … just a brief moment in the midst of bleakness and poverty !

 Beautiful … these women are the SALT of the earth !

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  • What a tremendously moving report, Sharon of Ronda and everyone's latest efforts.....thank you so much for reminding us so clearly how we have so much and they have so little but our KASers and those daycare workers share one thing, tremendous love for the children, in that we are alike.  I have read every word raptly and feel even more encouraged to knit for Knit a Square.  

    I am so glad you were able to arrive there safely and that everyone showed up of their own accord and there was lots of goodies to go around.  The weather must be quite cold there now...seeing those two lying on cold concrete but covered by a large blue and white granny square blanket....I count my blessings for certain.

    Thank you so very much for this report....I am so glad we were able to give jumpers/cardigans as well as toys, hats and blankets and handwarmers, as well as some apples, something they likely rarely see.   THANK YOU South African angels for your dedicated work for these sweet children.  I agree those women are the salt of the earth, may God bless them always.  I hope we can some day return there with more supplies or whatever help they need in this desperately poor forgotten area. Love, hugs and high fives to you all!

    • Well spoken Jeanne !

      Marjorie you have been knitting up a storm !!!  What a wonderful parcel it will be.

      • Bless you all for your kind, caring messages. I have eased up quite considerably and the pins and needles and numbness are lessening somewhat but I just don't know what to do with my hands!! I feel all twitchy without my needles and having a room stuffed with containers full of brightly coloured yarn just waiting to be knitted is driving me nuts!! I am beginning to realise what smokers and addicts go through when they quit and go 'cold turkey'! I would love to be able to crochet as so many of the blanket squares photographed are just stunning but I'd need to learn from scratch and you know what they say about old dogs and new tricks!!!

        Ah well, I'll just have to go and eat chocolate to console myself!!

        • What a wonderful report!  I'm thrilled to see Bev's counting squares be put to use so quickly!  They are beautiful, Bev, and I am in awe every time I see them.

          I'm so glad that Ronda (smart lady that she is) always takes extras, since it seems there are always extra children who REALLY need the few things we provide.   What a boost it is to see and hear that our little squares are actually helping people.

          Marjorie, take care of yourself.   We need you for a long time in the future.   My suggestion to keep working without injury is to try working left-handed.  (or, I guess if you are left-handed, to try working right-handed.)   Recently, I was experiencing some small twinges in my right hand, so I looked at YouTube videos for left hand crochet, and did a few days of that to rest the other one.   It is slow, and a bit frustrating, but better than the frustration of doing nothing.  And I have promised myself to keep doing that every so often, to give the dominant hand a bit of rest.   Us old dogs can learn new tricks!  and a bit of chocolate is always a good idea.

  • Beautiful children.  Thank you so much for the report and the photos.

  • Thanks Sharon for this report of a very special distribution day. Hard to hold back tears. 

  • Thank you for this report - really, I need this reminder of just HOW bad some people have it.  We are so blessed that through you we are able to share a little of what we have with those who have so little!

    • Well said Rebecca.  Poverty on such a scale is just unimaginable to us in our comfortable lives and it takes stark pictures such as these to convey any idea of just what grim and desperate lives some poor souls live. I hope KAS will return to this area for distributions in the future as clearly their need is enormous.

      On a lighter note I have recently sewn up three blankets, thirteen hats. sixteen pairs of handwarmers, three jumpers and four teddies and been warned by my doctor that I am in line for steroid injections for repetitive strain injury!!!!!!  I've heard that injection is hideous so perhaps I'd better listen for a change and rest from the knitting.  On the other hand...........!!! 

      • Marjorie you should definitely ease up hon.  Can you do a different type of needlework?  Like crocheting or loom knitting?  I had to stop crocheting due to strain on my dominant hand's shoulder but found that knitting and loom knitting don't bother it at all.  

        Big hugs to you for being so very productive...that's marvellous for the children.  Now definitely ease back a little and let some others carry the load for a while.  

      • Oh yes, Marjorie...it sounds like a rest is in order.

        Well done to you for everything you have been doing for the children. It sounds like you have been very busy indeed. Thank you. :))

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