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Let's give Sandy, Ronda, Lindiwe, Wandile, Wendy, Kalai and the rest of the KAS dream team our appreciation and positive feedback for the latest edition of the Square Circle Ezine!  With our help and support it is hoped to produce a shorter, but more regular version to keep us in touch with events and inspire us to spread-the-word and get those squares arriving,  It was wonderful to read that KAS has also reached Nigeria and Zimabwe and even more areas in South Africa.


Please mention which stories you enjoyed and why - we need Sandy & Co to know that the global knitting community appreciate that they are at the 'coal face' of KAS and we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them.




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  • Oh Sandy... another awesome ezine, and just in time...I am speaking to a group of women about KAS this afternoon, so I've printed off a copy to leave with them.  I am so excited about moving into Zimbabwe... there's just no end to what we can do if we keep knitting and promoting KAS everywhere we go.

  • Thanks Sandy, for another inspiring and revealing Easter Ezine.  The news that KAS is to establish itself in Zimbabwe is truly wonderful.  In the UK the links with Zimbabwe are still very strong, and the history of the past 40+ years has been painful to watch.  Through this new link we can start the process of bringing comfort to their children in addition to those in South Africa.  Onwards & upwards as I keep hearing from very optimistic friends!  Thank you for such a brilliant surprise.

    • Yes, indeed, a big thank you for this Easter ezine...(and also a big thanks to you, Pam for all you do to keep us up to date)

      This was a lovely surprise and sure had me crying like a baby ..both tears of joy (the bubs in their 'cuddles') and sadness. It certainly makes you realize how lucky you are. I will definitely help in any way I can. xx

  • Well done Andrea!  300 squares....what a lot of warm blankets and children. :)

  • Hello fellow KASers! I wanted to let you know that on December 31 at 11:45 pm I completed my 300th square to meet my goal. It was a push at the end because of the holidays but I did it! Now on to some jewel squares. :o)

    • Congratulations Andrea !   Eight more children with warm blankets.

      Looking forward to your jewel squares.

  • Sorry, I am just catching up with everything now. Loved the ezine - as always. What was my fav bit? The pictures ofcouse - they always manage to reduce me to tears. When ever I am doing a talk or awareness raising thing I always tell people that they usually give to charity in good faith but with KAS you can actually see the work that has been done and maybe even spot your own squares or blankets sometimes. It has a very good effect on my crochet speed when I see a little person wrapped up in a Jeni blanket. I guess you all get the same pleasure and pride.


  • Love reading the E Zines!  They are one of my favourite parts of KAS. I really enjoy seeing the photos of the children with their blankets, hats, toys and other items.  A picture is definitely worth a thousand words.

    In a world that seems increasingly selfish and uncaring, it is good to know there are still people in it that care enough to help others instead of feeling 'hard done by' as they don't have the latest designer 'must haves'.

    I don't have a lot, but I have more than many people in the world as I have a home, plenty to eat and warm clothes to wear.  It is a privilege to help others have those same basic needs. It never fails to make me more appreciative of what I have, than seeing others who are in such dire need of basic items that most of us take for granted every day.

    I also often go through the archive of E zines as I only joined KAS this year and I have enjoyed catching up on past news and articles.

    Look forward to seeing the next E zine.

    All I could possibly ask for the next one, is could we perhaps have some news on how the sock collecting is going?  I would love to hear how many pairs have come in, if and how they have been distributed and maybe see some photos?

    Well done on the continuing, huge job of keeping KAS going! Every one of the people involved from we knitters/crocheters to Sandy, Kalai, Ronda and all the team of volunteer helpers in SA all deserve a huge pat on the back.



    • Have to agree with you Wendy. We may not have a lot but thats a whole lot more than many people. The words to this song, I think, really sums up the way Kas works....http://youtu.be/TxVoo0iUVDA

  • As everyone else has said on this thread it is so uplifting and reassuring to read the ezine,see the photos and visit the forum, especially when the news, particularly financial, is so depressing. I am really struggling to find the Christmas spirit this year, both for personal reasons but mainly because of the commercialism which seems to be increasing each Christmas. Although I am not a spiritual  or religious person I do believe that there must be more to life than the constant acquisition of objects and I find that by helping Kas it makes me feel as if there is more to life- just taking part in such an undertaking and being part of the Kas community is reward in itself and helps me feel as if I am doing my bit, however small, to make the world a better place! It definitely reinforces my inherent faith in human nature to see all the hard work and love that so many people, particularly those with little of their own, are willing and happy to share.

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