February - April 2011 challenge

Hello everyone, the February challenge is here! We are all so excited about this concept.

Meet our 9th KasCare bus Bongani (which means be grateful in Zulu).



Our aim is to fill the bus with 35 children, each with their own KAS blanket, and hat knitted and crocheted with love by all of you wonderful people. It will take 1225 squares (which makes 35 blankets) to fill the bus, and 35 hats. Please post your tally as you knit/crochet so that we can see our progress. The tally will be as such:


12 squares
1 hat


Then the next person adds to the previous tally, for example:


I made 3 squares and 2 hats so the tally is now:


15 squares
3 hats


Please for this challenge, ONLY add squares and hats, this is to keep it simple so that we can quickly and easily see the bus/buses fill up.

Watch the bus as it fills with children and their blankets are stored on top. If any of you have ever seen a typically African bus you will know that all manner of things are housed on the roof. For our buses it will be BLANKETS!

Our aim is to create a fleet of buses filled with children, warmed by our love. This challenge will run for three months (February, March and April); let’s see how many buses we can fill!


See, we've already filled the bus Njabulo, now onto the next bus, Bongani. Watch for the newest illustration!!

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  • I've made

    1 hat

    5 squares

    2 vests

    1 Izzy Doll

    • Arlene, I think this challenge ended last year so I've added your items to the current Tally


      • Thank you for the info'.  I'm new here and still finding my way around.  But I know the things will be used by the good folks at KasCare somewhere!

      • Thanks Christine, we'll get this moved into Closed Discussions to avoid any more confusion!

  • Here are the Ravelry totals I forgot to add (sorry, I've just been so busy).  These were all worked for the big 3 month challenge.  I have updated them to the new May/June challenge so they can mark their squares ZIMBABWE :)


    Ravelry Totals: 
    882 squares 

    +11398 squares (forum total)


    total= 20,220 squares
    11 hats 
    0 vests 
    5 sweate

    • Thanks Dawne! Hope you're well x x x
      • The Ravelry group are phenomenal!  I love the idea of any leftovers from this crackerjack challenge going to Zimbabwe...they sure do need anything we can send them.  Anything.  Great to start off with 300+ squares for them!  :D
  • Sorry to mislead you all but as it is already the third of May and we have 373 squares only towards the tenth bus we have decided that the squares would be better off in our May-June challenge which is squares to Zimbabwe. We also have 137 extra hats which could go to Zim as well. As many of you know Zimbabwe is a country that has been ruined by its government. Many, many people are starving and homeless. We have the opportunity to send a truck to Zimbabwe and warm some children so I think the 373 squares and hats would be great to start off that challenge. Does anyone have any objections? Here is the link to the new challenge. I will put the 373 up in the tally there and if there are objections please let me know in the new challenge as I am closing this one.




  • Another 11 squares completed by the deadline, but they won't be posted until I have enough to make a larger package.  So the total is:

    11398 squares

    452 hats.

  • Sorry, I'm late but I did post these away last week.  Just forgot to update the tally.

    Posted 8 squares and 7 hats


    11387 squares 
    452 hats



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