In February we like to think of ways to show our loved ones that we care.

The most common way to show our affection is with a hug

And a heart


Our children in South Africa deserve a big hug and a wonderful way to give one is by making a square. 

Each child receives 35 hugs when a blanket is wrapped around their shoulders.


This month we will be sending our blanket hugs with extra love.

We will be adding hearts!

Here are patterns that you might like to try !

Or perhaps you will create your own heart square.  

[Link to knit heart pattern]              [Link to crochet heart pattern]


Not into hearts?

 Why not make one of your beautiful Plain Jane squares in the traditional February colours of pink, red and white.


 We may not be there to give each child a personal hug

But we can send the next best thing...a blanket hug.

Where to add your squares:

  1. This discussion-with photo [add to last comment]
  2. The photo page -[see menu tab above]
  3. KAS Reaches Great Heights-with photo [click here]
  4. 2014 Tally- [click here]


The February Photo Album 1 is available here.  

The February Photo Album 2 is available here.

Anne has added the Pinterest album here

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  • 2930255690?profile=originalI have posted this elsewhere on the site but I thought that the ideal place would be at the end of this (now old) challenge. As you can see, the 35 squares that I posted here in various places, were all collected together in SA and made into a beautiful blanket and finished with a red edging. I am so delighted with what the team has done!

  • These will be my last three for February.  I know these little Teddies are small, but there are so cute I just had to get them in there somewhere :)


    2965117219?profile=RESIZE_320x320And my last green heart :)


  • 2965116970?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024And the last two for my monthly 35! Didn't get chance to upload them yesterday! Now on with March's challenge! Well done to everyone for the amazing selection of 'love' produced in this challenge - what a lot of blessings they will bring to many children! 

  • 2965116143?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Last three uploaded 23:59 UK time! Guess I'll have to sneak the last 2 in tomorrow (after all, it is a short month!) 

  • 2965116214?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024It's still February here in the UK and I'm still working on my 35! Here are another 3 - just 5 more to go! 

  • My last heart square for February.  This one was inspired by the little box of candy hearts that we used to get as kids.  Of course, the camera isn't capturing the intensity of the colors, but you get the idea.


    • Here's a better picture.  I was determined to get a shot that had the colors looking half way decent.  :-)  But you get the colors right and you can't get the detail on the pattern.  Oh well.


  • 3 Pink Squares


  • 2965116187?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Here are 3 more squares for the challenge, including my diagonal experiments! I got the idea of the heart in the corner from looking at the square on the left and realising that the triangle could be made into a heart quite easily. So I just knitted away and made it up as I went along - quite pleased with the results! 

    I always feel a bit guilty when it often seems that I only pop in here to post my own photos and don't acknowledge anyone else's. But my job pattern varies through the year, and this is one of my peak periods, as well as being an extremely busy time for our gospel choir, so I haven't had a lot of time to browse the forum - every precious spare moment has been spent knitting /crocheting! Also, my husband has had to spend a few unexpected days in hospital - the square on the right was actually knitted at his bedside! He's home now, thankfully, and is waiting for a date for surgery to sort the problem properly. 

  • February 2014 Challenge

    This is from a dishcloth pattern called "Quilted Hearts". It could probably look better if were blocked, but I have never attempted that. My last square for February. Thank you for putting your hand up to host this challenge/theme at the last minute, Linda. Lots of lovely patterns and colour combos (many of which I am still to view).  xx

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