Righty Ho Ho Ho Everyone.......Welcome to our Christmas Theme!

Can we all have a rummage through our yarns and find some festive cheery colours then get our needles and hooks moving to celebrate all things christmassy please.

Items to make are squares, hats, hand warmers, toys and blankets..........the choice is yours.   If you can, and want to post your makes we'd all love to see them.

The colour of the month is RED



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    Another late entry for this theme from me.  

    Knit on 9mm needles as both strands were aran.

    • LOVING your two-stranded blankets, Karen!! The colourways are SO pretty.  :))  Did you crochet the border, too?

      Unfortunately I have made little progress with my 'late' projects. We are having our granddaughter for an extended stay as our son has covid AGAIN.....and night time knitting doesn't seem to work for me like it used to...knit, knit, nod off.....hahaha.

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    Christmassy colours in this blanket

  • Here is a WONDERFUL bundle of festive fun from Sharen Stenett.


    • Oh Sharen these look adorable and so festive ❤️

  • Thank you girls, I couldn't have done it without you all X    I do have one more festive project to post here, but it is not quite ready yet........

  • Thank you Karen for a very colourful month.

  • Lovely Festive squares Bev.

  • April 2023 Theme- Festive Fun

    A couple of Chrissy trees with Santa's transport....plus some festive squares from some left-over variegated I have had for a while.

    Now I just need to sew the other appliques on 11 squares I have knitted + knit up 200gms of red and I should have enough for a blanket....hahaha.

    • Lovely appliqués and very festive colours.

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