In July, Alice Latha reached out to Knit a Square to provide warmth to the children in Free State.  We had a marvelous distribution there in the Monontsha Village with songs and a hike  up the hill.  

Read all about it Here.

Then we had a Celebration Distribution with Mabel dressed in her beautiful colors, in August.  LINK

In September, Mabel returned to the area to start up a KAS satellite group for sewing blankets together to warm children in the surrounding area.  Please remember this is over 300 km away from our KAS Barn.


We are now going to report all the marvelous things that are happening with this group here in one page.  Please follow along on this amazing journey...

One week after Mabel instructed the adults how to sew blankets, school children were introduced to the project.  Here is Alice's report:

We are glad one of the schools in Free State is assisting us to join squares for free. The Principal take this as an education to kids so that they can learn to work hard . The school has lot of vulnerable kids, disabled and orphans who attend classes there. Others don't even have school shoes nor uniform. At least they will sew the blankets for their own benefit. When they are done with blankets we will donate to them. Thanks to Knit-a-Square team, May God bless your hard work.

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  • Donation we received we bought wool with it and it was delivered to Gogo's on Mother's Day. (11 May 2020) Me and My son Vuyane we did drop off into each and every Gogo' s place. We bought them little Mother's Day presents from our pockets as token of appreciation.


    • Lovely to see. I know without my knitting and crocheting to do in the lock down I would be lost. I find it gratifying to be able to put my time to good use.

      • wonderful to see ! I will go and buy yarn in the KAS shop!

    • Many Blessing GoGos!!

  • News from Free State today;

    Good afternoon hope your well during this Pandemic of COVID-19. Please note that we have received another donation of wool and Gogo's their busy in their little corners during this lockdown and this help them to be be busy indoors. I think without wool they were gonna be bored and get sick of depression. With previous donation they managed to knitt 9 blankets.


  • Here is some updated news from Alice.

    I have been remiss in getting the following photos and comments posted.  I am sorry.

    . We still try to push our work even on this time of lock down every Gogo is keeping her self busy in their homes. The Gogo's in Free State got donation of wool from one of my Facebook friends and thier busy now trying to do squares when we are awaiting KAS to give some. We don't know how long this COVID-19 will affect us. But with God by our side this will pass4792030283?profile=RESIZE_710x4792034076?profile=RESIZE_710x4792038470?profile=RESIZE_710x4792041452?profile=RESIZE_710x

    • Amy I'd like to donate to the gogos having yarn to crochet  / knit during lockdown what is the best way to do this?

    • This lockdown goes so much faster when you have something to do.  

    • Lovely to see the GoGo's can still help KAS even during the lock downs. Lets hope for an end to the virus soon.

  • On January 21, Mabel loaded up her car and took blanket packs to some gogo groups and the Free State Satellite group.

    Alice was so excited to receive these packs with nine blankets for her gogos to sew together and distribute.3832341501?profile=RESIZE_710x

    Mabel at the Barn.


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