This is incredible timing ! My little car conked out en route to a distribution in Soweto on Tuesday morning ... and today I opened the gate to this absolutely INCREDIBLE gift, for the full use of Knit-a-Square ... servicing and all the legal stuff catered for completely. I am SPEECHLESS with delight - I KNOW YOU ARE TOO, all our wonderful supporters.
OH MY GOODNESS ... calling ALL Knit-a-Square members, contributors, organisers, volunteers and recipients worldwide ... LOOK AT WHAT G4S have given us to use in our work to distribute warmth and hope and love to orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa !!!! PINCH ME ...

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  • How wonderful! 

  • God is Good!


    What a WONDERFUL and INCREDIBLE gift!!!!!!!!

    KAS is blessed for sure.

    CONGRATULATIONS - and a very long-long life in duty to this dream of car.... ;o)))

  • This is exciting news! Rhonda must be just over the moon. Thank you, G4S, for your generosity.

  • This is just amazing! Isn't it remarkable how many wonderful people there are in the world. Learning of this has made my day!!!

    Ashley DeMazza

    Falls Village, CT

  • What a wonderful gift. Many thanks to G4S for making life a little easier for someone as deserving as Ronda and her team and for speeding up the delivery of warmth to little children. Bless you all and may you always be warm.

  • What an incredibly generous gift, no wonder Ronda is so excited.  How marvellous, too, for Ronda to be able to drive around in an 'official' van, spreading the word wherever she goes!

  • The latest comments from Ronda about the van:

    It was AMAZING to have that wonderful van this morning … we distributed to 140 children without any space-issues whatsoever !!

    Keep those hooks and needles going … the KASwagon/KASvan is SO roomy – we can get things out there in double quick time now !!!

    Enthusiasm is HIGH here in SA – and weather is colder by the day …

    Thanks, as always, for your wonderful support

    • The prayers of thanks I offer for making this special blessing available to KAS through G4S. It's just the most kind and thoughtful and generous gift EVER!  

      • I 100% agree Susan....I have definitely said prayers of thanks for this blessing...and Ronda is right, now I've GOT to get back to my crocheting and knitting and send off another box.  I love that they can get more clothes and blankets out now...this is fabulous!

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