• A wonderful effort! Just love seeing the piles with their neat an generous tails which will make any sewer-upper of squares very happy. Now all I have to do is wait for the parcel to arrive in SA...
    • wonderful nearly 6 blankets !!! over a year that would be 72!!!

  • Gumnuts you're awesome, what wonderful work and enthusiasm, an inspiration to us all!

  • Three cheers for the Gumnuts - you are an inspiration - both in the squares and fundraising departments.!!

    • Great work Gumnuts beautiful squares and an awesome effort raising funds!

  • Well done Gumnuts Team for working so tirelessly to raise $700 postage money by baking, and, then selling lunches of quiche salad!  

    Fabulous squares too!

  • Wonderful, wonderful, Gumnuts!!! You guys are SUPER!! So many beautiful colours.

    Please add them to the 'Great Heights' challenge, Sonja...if you haven't already done so...what a terrific total...and what a generous bunch you all are.  :))

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